Saturday, 13 June 2009

This is Paper Art

This is the most amazing thank you card (piece of paper) that I've ever been sent!

Eng Su, has just left NB:Studio to go freelance, sent me this most amazing piece. All the letters have been cut out by hand with a scalpel - and not just out of any old paper - Eng has used our Offenbach Bible 50gsm!

Interestingly this is a useful piece to dismiss one of the commonly held beliefs about the Offenbach Bible which is that because it is thin, it will tear easily. What people forget is that this is a GENUINE "Bible" paper (we supply it to Bible publishers) and it has three imperatives:

1. High opacity for it's weight
2. Archival quality (in excess of 100 years)
3. Excellent strength, so it can be used on a daily basis!

Needless to say this fabulous piece will be going in a frame on the wall in the office.

Thank you Eng and good luck in finding the freelance work!

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