Friday, 28 August 2009

Coast A/W 2009


It's the Autumn/Winter 09 lookbook for Coast and it's just looks amazing!

The job is printed on OMNIA with an Offenbach Bible wraparound jacket.

Key amazing things are:
1. Solid metallic gold on the cover looks great on the Omnia (as do the images but that goes without saying!)
2. Job is three-hole-sewn which gives the job a lovely quality
3. 6 page cover cleverly holds the Offenbach in place and also covers up the DVD.
4. The jacket/wrap works really well as a poster (quite often on jobs this trick doesn't quite work but on this one it does).
5. .....and it just looks and feels great!

Above is the outside of the wrap, below is the inside.

Design is by Six Creative (

Print is by Principal Colour (

Photography is by Lachlan Bailey (

It is just a really lovely job. Well art directed and designed, great images and good print and finishing.

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