Tuesday, 8 June 2010


This has to be one of the most interesting jobs of the year from a typographical point of view.

It's a self initiated project by Jim Sutherland at Hat-Trick who has produced some absolutely spectacular visual imagery and iconography by just using letterforms. Each card uses a different typeface.

I'll let the images do the talking...
The cards were printed on one sheet of B2 (520x720mm) board in two colours. The cards were then die cut out of the sheet. However, at the same time they also made posters using the full size sheets and these were "debossed" with an impession where the cut should be (as above) which look amazing. 

The material (which is why Jim called us in the first place) had to be right. Substantial, but not too heavy and flicky was the order of the day. We supplied our Altura Gloss 330gsm which is just right (I think!)
The print production and finishing has been superbly excecuted by Boss. All the elements have been really well finished including the box which is solid, square and just as a box containing playing cards should look and feel like!
Below are some of the sketches which show the work in progress.
This was a really nice project to have been involved with and it's great that there are companies which are prepared to spend some of their own time and money producing some really well crafted self initiated work. 

I'm a bit short of file copies of the cards but I have a few posters left so if you ask really nicely, I might send you one!
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