Friday, 4 February 2011

Alex Parrott's 2009

This month The Design Conspiracy in London has been celebrating it's tenth birthday.

To celebrate, they asked 10 people they have collaborated with over the years; clients, artists, illustrators and photographers to interpret a given year in whatever way they wished. The only constraints were the size, must be 10" x 10" and must feature the year numerically or typographically, the rest was up to them! The pieces are now displayed in their gallery space at Stukeley Street.

Independent and freelance designer, Alex Parrott (who's appeared on this blog before) was one of the 10 collaborators asked to produce a piece of work for the year 2009.

Alex's piece is called:  2009 / Redaction

"The exposure of MP's expenses dominated headlines throughout 2009 and the redacted expense forms which fascinated me from both a political and visual perspective, inspired this extravagant metallic foil blocked artwork"

Below is the piece that Alex produced which is hot foiled blocked in a red solid over a black 2009.
Alex had this individual piece produced by foiling company Paw Print on our Avebury Recycled Wove 170gsm. The material (which also has a cotton content) was chosen because of it's neutral white shade and good compressibility (which means the foil sits nicely into the paper).

Alex kindly sent some pictures showing the foiler, Tony Hooper, actually foiling the paper and I thought it would be worth posting these as many people reading this won't actually have an idea what someone working at a hand operated foiling machine looks like:
The exhibition runs from 3rd February - 28th February, Monday - Friday – 10am - 6.30pm at 12 Stukeley Street, London WC2.
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