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University of Portsmouth - Showtime 2011

Showtime 2011 Summer exhibition poster/identity

This is a lovely set of literature which forms the identity, invitation, posters and information about the shows. There is an A1 folding to A4 poster/invite printed on Offenbach Bible 50gsm and an A5 invitation card.

The design is by  Michael Harkins, who is a senior Lecturer in Graphic Design and the course leader of the MA Graphic Design at the University of Portsmouth. Given the complexity of the design, I asked Mike to write some words to explain the project:

"The identity of the poster etc. plays upon the polysemy of the word Showtime. Time to put on a show; The point in time that has arrived to show work; Showing the time that has been invested in work and study through the public exhibition.

Bespoke lettering/type was created that used the metaphor of the opening door as this was also a time of departure from study to the wider world etc. This also represented the number one of the individual and eleven for the year of the show. Show and 2011 are represented as time in the form of a digital clock-like composition.

The reverse of the poster uses an algorithm based upon the screen angles of the colours used to create unique 'interactions' representative of each students unique contribution in terms of time and the work they show.

The Offenbach Bible Paper 50gsm used, also allows the front and back of the poster to interact * showing through * connections at the individual level contributing to the whole.

Poster (Reverse)

Front of the A5 Invitation is printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 315gsm:

Printing is all by L&S Printing based in Worthing, West Sussex and a very nice job they've made of it.

...and thanks to Mike for sending me some file copies and a note (written on the reverse of the A5 invitation):
The show is on this week at the Eldon Building at University of Portsmouth - get down there now!

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