Thursday, 6 October 2011

Brunswick Review - Issue Four

This is the latest edition of The Brunswick Review, a piece of literature produced by the global Corporate Relations and Communications company Brunswick. This publication is produced for circulation to clients of the fifteen Brunswick offices throughout the world. Guest contributors include senior people at Diageo, Goldman Sachs and Reuters combined with Kevin Spacey and Mark Twain (well actually, that particular article is a reproduction!)

The original concept and design style for the Brunswick Review was by Kirsten Johnston at Johnston Works (see previous post but it is now designed in house by MerchantCantos, a Brunswick Group company.

The size of the publication is 280x216mm. It is has a 4pp cover and 86pp text. It is printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 240gsm and 100gsm. Print is by Fulmar Colour.

At a time when many companies are cutting down on print as a means of customer communication, it's impressive and refreshing to see one of the world's largest corporate relations companies printing this excellent publication - it might be worth reminding some clients that PRINT ...WORKS (if it's well designed and produced on the right papers, of course!)

Thanks to Russell Thompson for sending me file copies and a lovely note:
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