Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ding Dong

This is the clever little festive greeting card (...or should that be parcel?) from Magpie Studio.
Have a look and then I'll explain...

As Magpie see it, posties are the unsung heroes of Christmas. Up early in all weathers contending with impossible addresses and dogs nipping at their heels, this is their tribute to these troopers.

Working with photographer John Angerson, Magpie contrived to getting as many of the posties from around the Shoreditch area and the various routes (or walks as they call them in the PO) as possible ending up with thirteen in total. Words are written by Scott Perry (Bard of Bray).

The outer cover which looks like a package is formed using our Rib-Tone 2 sided 340gsm and forms both the cover and envelope. The fourteen cards are "bound" in using the Royal Mail red rubber bands that we are so familiar with, littering the outside of many front doors and workplaces!

Print, finishing and rubber-banding (!) is by Gavin Martin Colournet. It's also worth pointing out that the Rib-Tone is printed in 1 colour - white - on their new HP Indigo digital press! not silkscreen or hot foil ...it's white ink! 
The cards are printed on our Omnia 280gsm, which as you can see from above, prints a solid red, just beautifully and are also printed on the HP Indigo.

Posted by Justin Hobson 27.12.2011

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