Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Toujouri - Xanadu Collection

This is a beautiful lookbook for fashion house Toujouri produced for the launch of their Xanadu collection.

The size is 174x230mm Portrait, section sewn with an 8pp cover and 48pp text. The text is are printed on Omnia 150gsm and the result is just simply stunning - especially with the amazing embroidery on the evening gowns. The photography (by Thomas Cooksey) is superb and the colours are really vibrant ...see for yourselves

All images on the right hand page with the description on left hand page. Lots of space. Thumbnail images on final spread, below.
Brand Marketing and design is by In+Addition.

Creative Director is Paul Hetherington and production was dealt with by Annalyn King ...and thank you for the lovely note and the file copies.
Print is by Fulmar Colour.
This is a fabulous example of print on Omnia - this job does truly have the tactile feel of an uncoated with the reproduction of a coated - it does look amazing. 
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