Friday, 27 July 2012

Carrying the flame!

Today is the official start of the London 2010 (+2) Games ( apparently I can't use the year date and the Oly*pic word together in this post!)
Anyway I thought I'd take today as the opportunity for a shameless plug for the new "Torch" campaign, launched to promote the new ASTRALUX swatches by Favini.

ASTRALUX is the market leading range of cast coated papers and boards produced in Italy by the Favini Crusinallo paper mill. The range goes from 80gsm - 350gsm in white and is also available in 27 shades (including metallics and pearlescents) and we have some beautiful new swatches. If you would like a set, please drop me an e-mail. 
Astralux is produced with 100% Green Energy, generated in the mill from hydroelectric power and is FSC certified. You can read more here:

The promotional campaign and swatches are designed for Favini by Silk Pearce. Creative Directors are Peter Silk and Jack Pearce. Designer on the project is Ian Coote.

And just to clarify, we aren't sponsoring anything and I'm in no way trying to associate me/us/them or Astralux with the "up and coming season of events" due to officially start in London today!

Posted by Justin Hobson 27.07.2012

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