Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fine Bone China Invitation

This post is nothing to do with paper but I think it's of interest!

Wimbledon based design company, Ideas Factory send out an e-mailshot every month about a piece of their work. This month they sent out a project which is in the same vein as my "jobs from the past"

Whilst working on their studio refurbishment earlier in the year they came across some interesting work from their archive. This is one particular piece from 1998 for Mayfair based, luxury goods company Thomas Goode (established 1827). This is an event invitation to launch an in-store exhibition of Peter Ting’s new ceramics collection. The recipient was instructed to hold the bone china invitation up to the light allowing the details, screen printed on the reverse, to be revealed.

It's just a beautiful idea playing with the translucent nature of thin china. The invitation was wrapped in a watermarked Japanese paper in such a way that allowed the receiver to slowly reveal the invitation.

All in all a beautiful project and not very much to do with paper - but I hope you like it.

Thanks to Mark Wilkins at Ideas Factory for keeping me on his e-mailshot list ...keep them coming!

Posted by Justin Hobson 11.09.2012

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