Monday, 11 February 2013


This is some news about an exciting event which is happening in Manchester on 21st February.
Dave Sedgwick is a Manchester based designer who has organised an exhibition featuring 5 of Barcelona's best design agencie: Hey, Lo Siento, Mayuscula Brands, Mucho and Lamosca. They are are exhibiting their work at exhibition space 2022NQ (, just off Dale Street in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. The exhibition launches on February 21st from 6pm with an exhibition launch evening and runs for two weeks.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see some exciting work by some great designers from another country. Here are the links to the five agencies:

You can checkout the exhibition website for more information. The exhibition is free but tickets for the launch event on 21st Feb will be reasonably priced - for more information, you can email Dave

It's worth pointing out that this event has been entirely organised and currently funded by Dave alone which I think is fantastic - hats off to him. This shows two things; firstly what one person can achieve with a great idea and talking to people; second, it shows that organisations like D&AD, DBA, ISTD, Typographic Circle et al are certainly not pulling their weight.
Posted by Justin Hobson 11.02.2013

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