Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Waddesdon Wine

Waddesdon Manor is the historical country seat of the Rothschild family in Buckinghamshire and home to Waddesdon Wine, the official distributor for the Rothschild collection of wines.

This branding project includes a bottle wrap, printed using reproduction maps of the vineyard areas.  The material used was our Offenbach Bible 40gsm, which is light enough to be used as a lightweight, tissue type wrapping material and yet can still be printed offset litho in four colour process.
The identity for Waddesdon Wine was done by Paul Belford Ltd and includes a wide range of printed collateral, including boxes and a brochure and features this W device.

Design and photography is by Paul Belford Ltd with creative direction and photography by Paul Belford and Martin Brown. The Offenbach Bible 40gsm was printed in CMYK by Robert Young at R.Young & Son.

Posted by Justin Hobson 16.04.2013

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