Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Greenwich Regulator

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) is the charitable arm of the Royal Warrant Holders Association. QEST exists to advance education in modern and traditional crafts and trades in the UK. The Greenwich Regulator Clock is an example of fine craftsmanship and the brochure documents all the crafts concerned, from the furniture by Zone Creations, the movement by Comitti to the calligraphy by Sally Mangum.

Acrylic invitation
This is one of those absolutely exquisite pieces of design and print. The entire set comprises a paper over board, lined box, housing a bespoke acrylic invitation (which is the material the clock is made from) and the brochure.

Box and brochure - box using clear and bronze foiling.
Size of the brochure is 250x180mm, portrait. It has an 8pp cover on our Omnia 280gsm, hot foil blocked in bronze foil and the 32pp text is "French folded" (which is 16x4pp French folded sections) using our Omnia 150gsm and is printed with a solid pantone gold on the inside of the folds - gorgeous! It's PUR bound with a 6mm spine.

The 8pp cover, also printed using the pantone gold solid. Omnia was chosen because the cover would print, de-boss and foil beautifully and the Omnia would reproduce the photography with the metallic, solid blue, and the acrylic superbly ...and it looks brilliant!

Inside back page and inside back cover showing solid blue and image of the finished regulator clock.
Image showing the French folded text:
This lovely piece of print collateral and packaging has been created by Cheshire based design consultancy, The Gate. Designer on the project is Matthew Miles. It's just worth saying that this piece of literature is about celebrating the best of traditional and modern crafts in the UK and this very piece of print is itself an excellent example of that craft.

The superb print, foiling including the boxmaking is by Leeds based Pressision. Ian Cavanagh handled the project and very kindly sent me a file copy.
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