Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tangerine goes blue!

We are Tangerine are a design and communications consultancy based in Maidstone who have a wide range of clients from property and leisure to the Church of England ( ...having the Almighty as a client, must be hard!)
As part of their recent re-brand, they have produced some swanky new business cards, which incorporates our Colorset 100% recycled papers!
The cards are produced using our Colorset Nero 350gsm, which has been duplexed by the printer to make 700gsm. The logo and web address have been hot foil blocked in gloss black foil. The address and contact details have been die-stamped (engraved) in a special pantone blue. The cards have been edge painted in a matching blue.
Design is by Claire Hobbs, Design Director at We are Tangerine.

These items were duplexed, die-stamped and hot foiled and edge painted by Downey. All beautifully done - and all done in house at Downey's factory in Great Yarmouth.

It's worth making the point that although we (at Fenner Paper) don't offer a duplexing service (as another well known paper merchant based in Hull does) ...there are some printers and many trade finishers that offer this service.
Posted by Justin Hobson 09.10.2013

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