Thursday, 12 December 2013

ITV Studios - Formats 2013

ITV Studios is the UK's biggest production and distribution company, making distributing and selling over 40,000 hours of television around the globe. The worldwide business is growing fast and
they now have studios in London, Paris, Stockholm, Cologne, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Hong Kong together with partners in other regions

ITV Studios don't just make TV shows for ITV, they make them for a wide variety of broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, Sky etc.
This brochure shows the wide diversity of formats and programmes that they are responsible for, showing images and emphasising the company's capabilities.  
Size is 220x170mm, portrait. it has a 4pp cover with 96pp text and is section sewn. The cover (above) is matt laminated with a sticker which has been applied by hand.
The material used is our Neptune Unique FSC, which is a VERY high white, smooth uncoated paper which reproduces colour fabulously (well I would say that!). Cover is 350gsm, text 160gsm. An uncoated material, gives the publication an engaging 'booky' feel and given the variety of source material, makes the images work together well, whether commissioned photography is sitting next to a screen grab, it has a consistency in look and feel. Printed offset litho in CMYK with a special grey (on the cover).
Flap on inside back cover, with multiple creases, to take subsidiary literature.
Creative direction and design for this and all ITV Studios new marketing collateral and events is by Theobald Fox. Creative Director is Pete Owen. Production and project management is by Sam Stocking. Print is by Principal Colour - just worth pointing out that with some large solids, some tricky CMYK images, they've made a cracking job of this project.
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