Friday, 7 March 2014

Five Dollar Shake ...on Stardream

Many readers of this blog will have purchased a greeting card or two from this remarkable greeting card publisher, Five Dollar Shake. Based in Hastings and established in 1998, they design and manufacture all their cards in the UK, including the application of the crystals, sequins, bows and trinkets that many of their ranges are renowned for.  
This new range of cards is produced on a bespoke production of our lovely Stardream board, made by Cordenons in Italy. For those not familiar, Stardream is a pearlescent/metallic range which shimmers beautifully. The board for these cards is made especially with a stripy emboss (called Cannetè) with a coloured reverse (see below pic) which complements the outside of the card, enabling a message to be written inside with ink or ballpoint pen.
The size of the cards is 160mm square. This particular range of cards is hot foil blocked only, the 'appy birthday card (above) in four different foil colours! The cards are also embossed on the foiled area and you can see the wonderful depth of embossing on this 80th Birthday card...

The "Henries" are the awards for the greeting card industry (named after the inventor of the greeting card - Sir Henry Cole) - their industry equivalent of the D&AD Awards ( and Five Dollar Shake have won over twenty awards in the last fifteen years ...pretty amazing stuff!
Creative director at Five Dollar Shake is Beth Genower.

These cards are exquisitely hot foil blocked and embossed by Robert Armstrong, who is based in Keighley, Yorkshire. Intricate and impeccably produced.
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