Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ultrabold 14

This is the Autumn 2013 edition of Ultrabold magazine, which is the Journal of the St Bride Library - if you aren't familiar with St. Brides, have a look at the link:
Fenner Paper is pleased to support this publication, by supplying discounted material - hopefully doing our bit to preserve the history of our industry for future generations. This latest edition has some really interesting articles, worth a mention.
In this issue, there is a very interesting article about, designer and artist Eric Ravilious (1903-1942) who, in his short career, produced a prodigious amount of work.
In this issue there are three separate articles by James Russell, looking at three aspects of his talents, as wood engraver, lithographer and watercolourist.
The publication is designed by Simon Loxley and is published by the Friends of St Brides.Printing is sponsored by Principal Colour. The journal is a 40pp self cover, 190x265mm Portrait, saddle stitched and is printed on Brand X FSC 135gsm.

The cover price is £7.00, although as I've mentioned before, it's worth mentioning that this publication is free to friends of St Bride - so why not look into joining - might be cheaper than just buying the books!
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