Thursday, 13 November 2014

There's a new Elephant in the room!

This is the invitation to the launch of the special 20th issue of the art culture magazine, Elephant. Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martin of Atlas Studio have overseen a fairly comprehensive redesign of this highly revered publication.
The invitation at the event last month in the Riflemaker gallery is designed by Esme Winter, a London-based designer partnership creating lifestyle accessories and stationery.
Esme, working with Richard Sanderson produce items that are crafted with hand-binding, weaving and beautiful print. You can see their work here:
The A6 invitation is printed letterpress in two colours, black one side and dark blue reverse. The board chosen for the invitation is our new Crush Citrus 350gsm. This is our lovely new paper from Favini, made using agro-industrial residues from the processing of citrus fruit in Italy and replacing up to 15% tree pulp. You can read about it here:
Printed letterpress at LCBA in London and thanks to Simon Goode at LCBA for taking the time to send me some file copies.

...and here's the magazine the event is to launch:
Posted by Justin Hobson 13.11.2014

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