Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Jimmy Choo AW 2016 Invitation

This is a very luxurious looking invitation to the launch of the Autumn/Winter collection for luxury fashion brand Jimmy Choo. The 4pp Invitation is 148x110mm, portrait and is made using our Flockage Colours 400gsm in Bordeaux. 
For those of you which are not familiar with this product, it is a flocked board which feels like a velvety cloth/material to the touch. It also takes hot foil blocking exceptionally well as the heat, softens the fibres allowing the foil to bed down nicely in the flock. 
Flockage is a one sided material - in the case of the Bordeaux, it has a coloured flock face and a Bordeaux coloured board reverse. For this project the board has been duplexed, bonding the two board faces together and creating an 800gsm board with flock on both sides - and most importantly, the edge is still a Bordeaux colour.
On the inside front cover of the invitation, a mirror is affixed, so you catch your thrilled reaction at having received the invitation! The gold tinted mirror is a piece of 3mm acrylic mounted onto the Flockage surface. The hot foil blocking is in a deep crimson shade.
As you will be able to see from the image below, the material has a twin parallel creased spine to allow for the thickness of the mirror, which works superbly. 
Art direction and design is by the 'in house' studio at Jimmy Choo and the designer on the project is Sinnie Chong. All aspects of production, including the duplexing, hot foil blocking and sourcing and mounting of the mirror was overseen by David Blakeman at Identity Print based in Paddock Wood - also worth pointing out that they are one of the few printers to have hot foil blocking 'in house'!
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