Saturday, 20 January 2018

Workshop at The Cass

Just before the Christmas holidays I was asked by Lecturer, Angharad Lewis, to run a workshop at The Sir John Cass School of Art (London Metropolitan University) known affectionately at the Cass.

The title of the workshop was: "Formats and materials for cost effective publications"

 I took the students through the briefest summary of papermaking and different types of materials and lead onto how papers are printed commercially and why it is the size of this machinery which dictates why materials are available in certain sizes and what the limiting factors are in producing publications.
Using interesting examples of commercially produced work, I demonstrated formats and how publications can be produced with an eye to economy. Using plain sheets of paper, I demonstrated how you can make an economical publication but with an interesting format. Using the information I told them about, I asked the group to use a single sheet of paper to explore their own formats and ideas.
It was a really interesting morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The students came up with some interesting ideas and formats - it's amazing what you can can achieve with a single sheet of paper.

My workshop was one of a number of workshops held that day. In the afternoon there were talks by a number of practising designers. I stayed to listen to the talk by Kate Moross.
Kate gave a very interesting talk about how to make a living as a designer. It was a really engaging talk and she gave some excellent advice.
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