Thursday, 14 June 2018


Wichelstowe is a development by Swindon Borough Council, south of Swindon Old Town. Bell Integrated were commissioned to develop the Wichelstowe place brand, guidelines, messaging, literature and collateral, followed by a site-level sub brand including naming Canalside for a number of mixed use parcels sitting alongside the Wilts Berks Canal. This is the sales brochure for Canalside.
Size of the publication is 265x210mm, portrait with a 4pp cover on Omnia 320gsm and a 12pp text on Omnia 150gsm. 
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The material chosen for the publication is our Omnia. This material has a high bulk, required as effectively this is only a 20pp brochure. The photography has reproduced brilliantly on the Omnia, with the combination of exterior and interior photography and fleshtones..
A really nice feature is the singer sewn binding, which you can see here on both the exterior and interior of the publication.
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Even though the 150gsm text paper is bulky, it still rolls and flows nicely in the hand without feeling too stiff and rigid.
Art direction and design is by Bell Integrated. You can read more about the whole project here: Printed offset litho throughout. The excellent print, repro and finishing is by Gavin Martin Colournet, based in London
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