Thursday, 11 October 2018

The Photography Movement

The Photography Movement was launched in 2017 by best friends Scott Shillum and Steve Wallington after they had both lost close family and friends to suicide. It is a not for profit organisation, fostering a community spirit where individuals of all ages can discuss mental wellbeing through the medium of photography.
The Photography Movement in partnership with Canon, is curating a series of exhibitions at the Exposure Gallery from the 4th October - 13th December. The series will promote the benefits of using photography to support mental wellbeing, as well as raise awareness and funds for charity partners.

Yesterday evening, I was invited to the private view, which was an exhibiting the results of a series of workshops run at the London Academy of Excellence (LAE) in Tottenham.
Steve Wallington, one of the founders, pictured below...
Posted by Justin Hobson 11.10.2018

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