Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Editions of 100

"Editions of 100"  is an online gallery/shop curated by Daniel Freytag, creative director of Edinburgh based studio, BERG (http://www.bergstudio.co.uk/).

The idea is to make original limited edition design objects available for sale by selected designers, photographers and artists.

They launched on 14 February with work by Andy Altmann (Why Not Associates), Ross Colquhoun (Human Resources), Kelvyn Smith (Mr Smith Letterpress Workshop) and Daniel himself with Greig Anderson (Effektive). Initially they'll be offering screenprints and giclée prints but expanding to letterpress, tees and design objects in the near future. As the name suggests, each work will be hand numbered and strictly limited to 100 editions.
...and the lovely work you see here, is printed on our Matrisse 200gsm.

Posted by Justin Hobson 08.03.2011

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