Thursday, 30 August 2012

Coggles S/S 2012

Coggles is a Boutique Department Store (& Designer Store Of The Year) with a four floor shop in York's historic centre and an on line presence with over 2 million vistors a year

Victoria Bage started Coggles in 1974. From the opening of a quirky stall on York market, her designs proved so successful that by 1976 she had opened her store. Originally named Sarah Coggles, the name came about because Victoria's husband was having an affair with his secretary, Sarah Coggles. On discovering the affair, Victoria promptly divorced him and named the store after the secretary to remind him of the mistake he had made!

This publication is the Coggles Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook and because it is a department store, the content is wide and varied, including fashion, accessories, homeware, furniture and books.
Format is 200x270mm, portrait, saddle stitched with an 8pp cover (155mm flaps) and a 32pp text. It's printed on Omnia 280gsm and 150gsm. The quality of images and the reproduction is fantastic whilst the Omnia still makes it feel tactile and engaging in the hand.
Spread on inside front cover flap.
Art Direction and design is by No Days Off. Creative directors on the project are Patrick Duffy and Teo Conner. Designer is Charlie Hocking. This is the clever company that recycled it's old stationery to make new stationery - see previous post:;postID=5178695148461243374

It's been beautifully printed by Kingsbury Press. They are a family run B2 printers based in Doncaster and many design agencies that I know have been using them recently and if this job is anything to go by, I can see why...
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Defining Luxury

The old expression that you can't judge a book by it's cover, gets disproved time an time again on this blog! Here is an example where the cover totally sets the tone and quality for the text.
'Defining Luxury' is a book of case studies, produced to demonstrate how Conran Design Group works with Luxury brands and is therfore intended to impress, which it does very well.

The publication is 210x285mm, portrait. The cover, which is the star of the piece, is hot foil blocked in white gloss foil and metallic silver foil and as you can see from the pictures below, it is simply stunning.
One of the really important things to draw your attention to is the way that the cover is formed. Essentially it is an 8pp cover, with the flaps folding on the outside rather than on the inside. There is grey, cloth binding tape along the spine and the flaps are glued down forming a really solid cover, which almost has the solidity of a casebound book. The material used for the cover is our Matrisse 350gsm which is uncoated, has an exceptionally high bulk and embosses and foils beautifully - as you can see!
Spine detail
The 40pp text is printed on a 'house' coated silk but is singer sewn which again, gives the book a quality feel (and allows the pages to lay relatively flat)

Creative Director on the project is Lee Hoddy and the designer on the project is Tom Mesquitta. Print and exceptional finishing and foiling is by Chapter Press.
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Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Liminal Points Project

This is the inaugural publication from Rokov Publishing, an independent publishing house established by London based photographer Nick Rochowski to be a platform for collaborative output.
Here's a description of the project by Nick Rochowski "The Liminal Points Project is a re-exploration of Penn Wood, Buckinghamshire and a journey back to a vivid childhood fantasy. Working at dawn, dusk and night blending natural and constructed lighting techniques in conjunction with elements from the landscape, the betwixt, large-scale images lie in a place that is somewhere between realities, as if you have stumbled upon a happening. For the artist it is a raw, solitary experience and a manifestation of contemplations on the wider world. There is a power nature holds when one is left alone with it and something that resonates in all people. Visually inspired by cinema of the late 70s and early 90s and writers Katushiro Otomo and J.G.Ballard, the work collaborates with illustration artist Greg Haynes and the influential music of producer Deepsea. These different creative elements form new levels within and around the work".

Cover is hot foil blocked and de-bossed on a well known cover board from that other, Hull based, paper merchant (!) in Racing Green 350gsm. Size is 305x235mm, landscape format.
The cover is a 6pp with two spines effectively creating a capacity folder. The text is saddle stitched (using copper wire - nice touch!) into the left hand spine. The 32pp text is printed on our Omnia 150gsm. The photography is amazing and the images have been faithfully reproduced on the Omnia, capturing all the detail that is present especially in the dark areas.
Equally, the illustrations by Greg Haynes have retained all the fine detail:

London based electronic musician Simon Rendall, who goes by the moniker Deepsea, produced the soundtrack for the project. His music incorporates samples from old records and field recordings with new music technology to create the soundtrack.

Produced in a limited edition of 250, it also includes a signed and numbered 9" x 12" book edition print from the artist, printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin 310gsm paper.

Book design is by Peter Koo and print is by Push Print, handled by Emma Horner and Roy Killen.

Nick Rochowski:
Simon Rendall:
Greg Haynes:
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Monday, 20 August 2012


Now at the risk of getting my blog blacklisted (..although of course, it could increase my ratings!), here is a piece of literature which I will share with you.

Baron is described as the "Erotic Paperback Magazine for gentlemen and ladies who enjoy a cocktail, chit chatting about modern art, fine dressing and when the lights faint and the gin runs out, become connoisseurs at taking their companion into bed"
The size of the publication is a handy 165x110mm, portrait. It has a 4pp cover with 194pp text and comes in a handy PVC wallet. 

The article about Playboy vs Penthouse in the early seventies by Bill Hedley is fascinating and the photography by Dutch photographers Blommers & Schumm, titled Sex Objects (below), is very clever.
You may be wondering if my review of this literature is strictly professional and I can tell you, it most certainly is!  The cover of the magazine is printed on our Redeem 100% Recycled 300gsm which has printed beatifully. Text pages are printed on the printer's "house" gloss magazine paper 80gsm. Print is by Westdale Press.

Editor In Chief is Jonathan Baron, Creative Director: Matthew Holroyd, Consulting Design Director: Tom Watt, Editor: Toby Orton, Art Editor: Ché Zara Blomfield, Contributing Fashion Editor: Joanna Schlenzka, Fashion assistants: Mhairi Graham and Shereena Ghaffor.

Thanks to Jonathan for sending me a copy.

Get one, it's a reasonable £8.00  (...but only if you're over 18!)
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Thursday, 16 August 2012

ESPA at Corinthia

Here's a beautifully simple invite/promotional piece for the ESPA Life resort at the Corinthia in SW1. It's an 8pp "closed gatefold" format. Size is 150mm square.

Front and back cover are printed in solid black with reversed out type. Corinthia is hot foil blocked in metallic silver foil and the key device is printed in a gloss UV varnish. It is printed on our Omnia 320gsm (...just worth mentioning that Omnia is one of the very few papers with an uncoated look and feel that you can sucesfully UV varnish on to with one pass and it looks excellent). 

Inside spread printed in four colour process - excellent reproduction in both the dark areas and skin-tones.

Designed and produced by ESPA for the Corinthia.

Print is by London based printer, Leycol with Richard Davey handling the project. It's just worth pointing out that it has been well creased and finished - it is square, flat and no cracking on the folds or edges - a really nice clean, well produced piece.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Transcending Reality

This is a beautiful catalogue produced for a major exhibition of the work of Tai Xiangzhou in New York , earlier in the year. These exceptional paintings are rendered in just black ink. Excellent reproduction was absolutely paramount.
The size is 230x305mm, portrait. It has an 4pp cover and a 22pp text, including three throw-outs. The material choice is perfect - it is Omnia Natural 200gsm cover and 150gsm text. The "neutral" white shade works well with the ink paintings which are reproduced out of four colour process (CMYK) plus a special green.  The material and the image work perfectly together with the subtle tactile nature of the Omnia and the shading of the paintings.
 There are three throw-outs, necessary to show the works in sequence:

The binding is two banks of three hole sewing (see below) - in a natural thread, suits the book and subject perfectly.

The project is designed and art directed by Ornan Rotem and Num Stibbe at Sylph Editions.

Print and finishing is by Principal Colour in Paddock Wood.
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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Coworth Park

Coworth Park is a 5 star country hotel which is part of the luxury British hotel group the Dorchester Collection. London based design consultancy &Smith were commissioned to create a full identity package for the hotel, its restaurants and spa, to include placemats, maps, match-books, quirky in-room collateral and everything else in between ( nearly included the kitchen sink!)

In line with the hotel being as environmentally friendly as possible, they took the decision to print their literature on recycled materials.

The materials used in the main have been our Colorset 100% Recycled, Mango and our Avebury Recycled Wove (50% recycled plus cotton fibres) which has a gorgeous feel.

The following images demonstrate the wide variety of applications- a map for the grounds, a car key receipt, drinks coasters etc!

Map of the Coworth Park grounds

Place reservation cards - spot the different animals!
It would take far too long to list all the items and the different weights. Suffice to say that Colorset Mango comes in 120gsm and 270gsm and Avebury Recycled Wove comes in 105, 135, 170, 250 and 350gsm.

Creative Directors at &Smith are Rachel Smith and Dan Bernstein. Lead designer on the project was Anna Leaver. The complex and detailed print, foiling and finishing and stringing bits of elastic etc. is all expertly done by Kelsi Print.
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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Brightening up the area!

Here's a fantastic non-paper related post!

In May I visited Victoria Walmsley and Owen Phillips who are both part of The Bread Collective:

Anyway, they've just unveiled their new website and one of the projects they've just completed is these fantastic murals painted in Hackney Wick. Basically, Bread wanted to brighten up an unloved, bleak street called White Post Lane and managed to secure funding from the London Legacy Development Corporation to paint the murals. The murals  are based on the industrial past and heritage of the Hackney Wick area and took over 6  months of community engagement to become a reality.
The Bread Collective are: Owen Phillips, Victoria Walmsley, Jo Lee and Luke James

It's also appeared on the Creative Review blog:
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Friday, 3 August 2012

25 James Street

This is a very simple and beautifully finished publication produced by British Land for their residential development at 25 James Street in London. Size is 270x210mm, Landscape format. The book has a 4pp cover with a 12pp text and is singer sewn.

The cover and text pages are printed on our Marazion Ultra 300gsm and 150gsm with the natural, flat mattness which works fantastically reproducing both the colour images and the muted flat colours.

Design is by Egelnick and Webb. Creative Directors are Toby Egelnick and Malcolm Webb. Designer on the project was Gala Slater. There are some beautiful touches on this piece including the the cover which is hot foil blocked with a gloss black foil and the singer sewing. The excellent print, foiling and finishing is by Generation Press.
...and thanks to Kate and Paul at Generation Press for taking the time to send me a copy:

The project (which also came in a presentation box) was also reviewed in Creative Review:

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