Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Last September I was contacted by Cornish based artist, Natasha Chambers. She produces and sells her own prints and she also makes a calendar every year.

Bywa - means “to be alive” in the ancient Cornish language of Kernewek and is also the name given to her series of limited edition prints. The calendar is to be a showcase of twelve of these prints and here it is....

The finished size of the calendar is 165x245mm. The text pages are on Flora Avorio 130gsm - for those that aren't familiar with it, Flora is a 50% recycled paper with natural deliberately visible inclusions and fibres and it works amazingly well with these beautiful artworks.

These are two interesting things to add about this job. Natasha showed me the calendar that she had done the previous year, which was a similar format but with just one "pin-hole" to hang on a nail. We discussed that this always looked a bit wrong and I suggested two holes with a "treasury tag" device but Natasha went one better and used the two holes with a lovely black ribbon, as below:
The other thing was that the cover is on our lovely Chagall, Fragola 260gsm (which is a strawberry coloured, feltmarked board) and the reason that Natasha chose it was because when I sent the samples, I wrote a note on a postcard that used the Fragola and she liked it so much, she used it!
It is a lovely calendar and it's well worth having a look at Natasha's website. The calendar was printed by Redruthian printer, Active Colour. Thanks to Natasha for sending me a file copy and a lovely note.
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Monday, 30 January 2012

icrossing - a belated thank you

Here's the beautiful Christmas card that was sent to me from Brighton based design company, icrossing.
The front of the card is a lasercut snowflake which registers perfectly with a clear gloss hot foil blocked snowflake on the interior. A lovely idea and well produced.
Size is A6, portrait and is produced on our Omnia 280gsm. Print, lasercutting and foiling all produced by Evolution Print based in Sheffield.

...and thanks to Matt and Marc for sending me some file copies. 

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

A new face at Fenner Paper

Now I'm sure that most readers know that we aren't a massive company and we're a small (and perfectly formed!) group of individuals at Fenner Paper. So expanding our team is a big deal for us and I'm pleased to announce that Gillian Thomas has joined us.

Many of you will know Gill from her previous role at Howard Smith paper, where she worked for many years promoting papers that aren't as good as ours (...just kidding!) Anyway I'm pleased that she is now working with us and representing Fenner Paper.
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Friday, 27 January 2012

Thanks to my fans in Berlin!

This afternoon I received a lovely e-mail from Jen at an agency called Wolf&Lamm based in Berlin. It turns out that she's a big fan of this blog and they use it as "a daily source of inspiration"! ...and of course, I'm very flattered.
Here they are:
...and you should have a look at their showreel, on which Jen uses her real talent as a rapper (MC Jenny) http://www.wolfundlamm.de/reel

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

This is the latest brochure for tableware designers and producers Robert Welch Designs.

I wrote about the company and some of their literature on a post last year:

This brochure is a 32pp self cover, saddle stitched. Size is 297x155mm, printed on our Marazion Ultra 135gsm. The cover is varnished with a gloss UV varnish. It is printed CMYK throughout plus a pantone silver - which given the flat mattnes of the paper works beautifully well, while all the metallic tabelware reproduces exceptionally in four colour process...

Design is by Dowling Duncan. Art direction and design was by John Dowling who works closely with Alice and Rupert Welch. Photography is by Trevor Innes and Tony Muranka. Print is by Gavin Martin Colournet
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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Here's a lovely fashion lookbook for the French Connection Kids label. It has a 4pp cover, 20pp text. Size is 148x210mm (A5), portrait, saddle stitched and is printed CMYK throughout on Marazion Ultra 300 and 135gsm.

Art Direction, design and production is by French Connection. It just has a fantastic feel - the text and cover give the images a real flat mattness that works superbly with the backgrounds which are "shabby country cottage chic"!
Design is by Graeme Williams. Production by Kay Trew. Print is by Fox Print. A lovely piece of print and thanks very much to Aleks Klimanski at Fox Print in Tunbridge Wells for the file copies...
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Friday, 20 January 2012

Cyril Mann - Tribute Exhibition

This is a beautiful invitation for London art gallery Piano Nobile, to the private view of the Tribute Exhibition of the work of Cyril Mann (1911-1980)

 It is a 6pp invitation 210x255mm. Cover pictured above, opening like so (below)
The inside open spread, below, shows some of the works which are either oil on canvas or oil on board.
 This pic shows the outer spread:
The invitation is printed on StarFine Natural White300gsm which is a very "neutral" white shade - in fact it hardly looks off white at all! Being so neutral means that the shde of the substrate neither warms the images up or in the case of a bright white material make them too stark and bright. It has a lovely look and feel.

At the same event another "Nobile Folio" which is the series published by Piano Nobile and Sylph Editions was also launched. Called "St Pauls from Moor Lane" it is printed on Omnia, but I'll write about that one another time!

This project is art directed and designed by Ornan Rotem at London based Sylph Editions with production by Num Stibbe. Print is by Principal Colour in Paddock Wood.
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Birthday Exhibition

Here's the latest project from artist Sam Winston...

Birthday Exhibition - Southbank Centre
27 January 2012, 10am - 29 January 2012, 11pm
Royal Festival Hall - Cloakroom Lobby - Level 1

The installation forms part of The Southbank Centre’s ‘Death - A Festival For The Living’ in which The Southbank Centre takes a look at how culture can provide an essential role in helping us under- stand and come to terms with this unknowable certainty.
  Photography Andy Sewell
Here's a description about the installation:
Try bringing to mind four friends, simultaneously, within the space of a second. If you managed that then you’re getting close to imagining how many people are being born onto the planet right now.

So why is it when we hear such information we are usually awed by the scale at which it’s happening yet somehow that very information soon becomes another piece of trivia?  It’s a question artist Sam Winston has been working on for a few years and in collaboration with The Southbank Centre he’s proposing an experiment.

“What if we took certain statistics - like the ones close to our hearts , say our birth and death rates - and literally tried recording each birth or death with a drawn circle - how long would it take to portray 12 hours of life on our planet?
For the work I am inviting people to the Royal Festival Hall to register a birth or death by drawing a circle to celebrate one of the 1/4 of a million lives that come and go every day. This in turn sits beside a wall of names registering these birth and deaths.
  Photography Andy Sewell
The effect is a transformation of a seemingly incomprehensible statistic into a very real sea of 260,082 brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. And this is an invitation for people to partake in that.”
Sam Winston is creating a pop up registry office in Royal Festival Hall commemorating the quarter of a million lives that are born and die in the space of 12 hours around the world.

Here's a short film that he's made:

There's no plug for our paper here as he's not using our Colorset (well not as far as I know!) although I have worked with Sam before and he's an interesting artist producing these thought provoking works.
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Monday, 16 January 2012

UCA Graphics 2011

This is a piece of literature produced for the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication 2011 course at UCA Farnham. The finished size is an oversize A5 size at 150x215mm size and is saddle stitched. The reason for the slightly larger size is because of the multi size/section approach, the (smallest) outer 16pp section being 130x185mm, the middle 16pp section being 200x140mm and the inner 32pp section being the full 150x215mm, so the stepped effect works like so...
The 64pp publication is a self cover piece printed on StarFine White 100gsm. It is printed in three special colours including a Fluorescent Orange. From a size/production and print point of view, it's made an interesting job and still quite economical to produce.

The Art Direction and book coordination is by Maria da Gandra who is a part time lecturer at UCA and also a partner in the design company MWM Creative.

Designers were Michal Polak, Giorgio del Buono and Alex Sokolov. Print is by Pureprint.
...and thanks to Maria for the file copies and the lovely note:
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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Blush Publishing

It's lovely when you come across something that's so interesting that you really want to share it with others and this is one such occasion!

I was recently contacted by a company called Blush who describe themselves as a "modern letterpress printing studio working in an old paper mill in North Wales"

They have a lovely website and a seriously impressive blog - please have a look, it's brilliant:


Although you won't see any of our materials used in the case studies ...yet (I hope to be able to change that!) it is really beautiful work.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Toujouri - Xanadu Collection

This is a beautiful lookbook for fashion house Toujouri produced for the launch of their Xanadu collection.

The size is 174x230mm Portrait, section sewn with an 8pp cover and 48pp text. The text is are printed on Omnia 150gsm and the result is just simply stunning - especially with the amazing embroidery on the evening gowns. The photography (by Thomas Cooksey) is superb and the colours are really vibrant ...see for yourselves

All images on the right hand page with the description on left hand page. Lots of space. Thumbnail images on final spread, below.
Brand Marketing and design is by In+Addition.

Creative Director is Paul Hetherington and production was dealt with by Annalyn King ...and thank you for the lovely note and the file copies.
Print is by Fulmar Colour.
This is a fabulous example of print on Omnia - this job does truly have the tactile feel of an uncoated with the reproduction of a coated - it does look amazing. 
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