Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fenner Paper joins Greeting Card Association

Fenner Paper is proud to be the first ( ...and as yet, only!) paper company to be granted Associate Membership of the Greeting Card Association (GCA).

Established in 1919, the GCA is an independent not for profit organisation owned by its members. It provides wide-ranging information and specialist resources for publishers, artists and writers. The organisation offers help, advice and support, together with a range of membership services including courses run by members for members. 

Sarah Glennie and Sharon Little
of the GCA
Sarah Glennie (pictured on the left) is the person here at Fenner Paper who specifically works with Greeting Card designers and publishers - and it's worth mentioning that we work with all sizes of publishers ...literally from those producing cards on their kitchen tables upwards! Sarah says "We look forward to being a valuable and active member of the association, particularly supporting new and upcoming card publishers, to help them make the right choices for their card designs"

If any reader of this blog is thinking about starting to publish their own cards and would like some advice and information (things like sizes, envelope availability etc,) you can contact Sarah directly
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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Gleneagles Spa by ESPA

The Gleneagles Hotel is set in 850 acres in the heart of Scotland. Aside from the international reputation as one of the foremost golf resorts, there is a luxurious Spa. The Spa at Gleneagles by ESPA is proud to be one of the Leading Spas of the World. Launched by the exclusive Leading Hotels of the World group, this is the first global evaluation and certification programme for the spa industry.

This beautifully produced piece of literature is available for guests to see the treatments offered. The brochure conveys the luxury and subtlety of both the space and the experience.

Size is 210x148mm, portrait, section sewn. The paper used is our StarFine Natural White 300gsm for the cover and 150gsm for the 32pp text. The uncoated paper is a subtle, neutral, white which perfectly suits the imagery and typography in the publication.
Design is by Burgess Studio. Creative director is Alexis Burgess. Designer on the project is Tom Green. Printing is by Glasgow based 21 Colour.
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Friday, 26 July 2013

The Marshes

Hackney Marshes are city and wilderness. They are wild and grubby, empty and teeming with rubbish and stories. 'The Marshes' brings together images by Josh Lustig and text by Samuel Wright, in an unconventional design that lets the photographs and writing interact and interweave throughout.

'The Marshes' is the first publication from Tartaruga Press. As sprawling and untamed as its subject, this is a book designed to be explored, played with, and re-read.
The size of the publication is 240 x 165mm, portrait. The 4pp cover is printed on our Flora Avorio, 240gsm, silkscreen printed. For those that aren't familiar with it, Flora is a 50% recycled paper with natural deliberately visible inclusions and fibres. The 52pp main section printed on Shiro Echo, Bright White 120gsm (our 100% recycled). Their are two smaller "insert" sections 220x145mm (1x24pp and 1x28pp) printed on Offenbach Bible 60gsm.
Somewhat surprisingly, but with amazing effectiveness, the images on the main text are all printed single colour, offset litho and the halftone reproduction of the monochromatic images is superb.
There is also a single sheet loose leaf letterpress on the Flora Avorio, 100gsm (below)
It's also worth pointing out that it's beautifully bound. It's "three hole sewn" in black thread which suits the publication perfectly. 

The inset sections on the Offenbach Bible 60gsm are printed in 2 colours, black and a special green ( printed offset litho).
James Cartwright, posting on, writes "Beautifully printed and bound, The Marshes is a wonderful example of a work that utilises print to the very best of its capabilities, bringing writer, photographer and designer together to make something uniquely tactile and extraordinary"

Design is by Daisy Lumley. The cover was silkscreened by hand in two colours by Max Bondi. Litho printing and finishing is by Paul Martin at Jigsaw Colour. Thanks to Josh and Max for sending me file copies and for their kind note. This is their first publication (limited edition of 300 copies) and I can't wait to see the next one....

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Deutsche Bank 365

This is another edition of the CSR literature produced by Deutsche Bank who now have a system of regional newspapers showing how their global strategy is being applied at a local level by the bank and its people. The system has been developed by Studio 2br to extend its CSR communications beyond the normal production of a yearly report (previous issues have appeared on the blog before)
It is a 12pp format with a finished size of 470x315mm 'endorsement folded' to 235x315mm. The layout, content and photography contribute to make this a beautiful looking publication. The material used is our Enviro-Tech 80gsm, which is 100% recycled with good opacity and whiteness and was chosen both for this (because of the format) and it's environmental credentials.
Design is by Studio 2br. Creative Director on the project is David Shalam and the designers are Daniel Hayes and Dave Young. Print is by London based printer The Colourhouse.

I said it before about the previous issue of this job and I'll say it again - if only all pieces of corporate literature could look as good as this...

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Bob Eight Pop

Bob Eight Pop is a small, boutique silkscreen studio based in East London who have been doing work for an impressive list of clients for over thirty years. Clients such as Cartier, Bibliotheque, The Design Museum, Church of London, Matthew Williamson and Airside to name but a few.

Earlier this year Bob Eight Pop (BEP) became part of the Absolute group of companies, a one stop shop for brands and retailers. They develop packaging solutions, print procurement and all manner of services that brands require on a global basis. Regular readers of this blog may remember the lovely Ted Baker SS|2012 lookbook that Absolute printed on our StarFine last year.

Anyway, Absolute are now running a series of workshops for the brands and customers they work with and they invited me along to BEP last week, to see what was going on. Demonstrations by the printers were followed by an invitation to have a go...
One of the prints pictured below. A particularly poignant quote by Frank Lloyd Wright, which thankfully was printed on our Colorset 100% Recycled paper!
BEP has hand bench equipment and also a carousel for textile printing. Below is one of the invited guests in the studio, creating a unique design on a T shirt.
Company founder  Bob Ellis, (you'll recognise him from the identity pic below) flanked by Andrew Towers (Left) and Gary Elliott (Right) Managing Director of Absolute.
It was a great afternoon, very enlightening and educative was great fun as well as they had laid on beer (brewed literally around the corner) with custom "Absolute" labelling.

Too many people to thank for the invitation, suffice it to say thank you to all and I look forward to trying the beer.

Bob Eight Pop is a really interesting small company. They are half a dozen people with a wealth of knowledge and experience together with a real passion for print.
PS in case you were wondering the excellent Bob Eight Pop identity was created by Dry
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Lakes by yoo

This is a beautiful brochure for a luxury development of second homes. The Lakes is a private estate set amongst 650 acres of idyllic Cotswold countryside. The project is a joint venture between developer The Raven Group and property design experts yoo.
The Lakes is an gated community where nature and design work in harmony to provide the ultimate rural retreat and lifestyle and it was important that the brochure projected these values and assets.

The brochure size is 210x270mm, landscape and is perfect bound with a 48pp text printed on Omnia 150gsm.The striking commissioned photography has reproduced brilliantly on the Omnia whilst not losing the tactility and natural uncoated feel that was required. The look and feel is a confident piece of literature, not some "glossy property brochure"...
Art direction and design is by London based agency Bold & Bold. It is worth pointing out that this exquisite brochure was only part of this project. As well as the literature, there is the website and an extensive press and on-line advertising campaign which all tied together. Creative directors are Emily Bold and Phil Bold.
Printing is by CPI Colour.
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Final Project - Matt Emmins

This is a project which I think is of interest, produced on our Offenbach Bible  A final major project for Matt Emmins at Portsmouth University and his description of the project is as follows:

"The project entitled '360' originated as a look into the use of circles in information design and whether they were a valid and viable way of showing data in a visual form. As the project developed it evolved into looking at 'the perfect circle' and whether it can be drawn freehand. This prompted me to test my own drawing abilities as well as my peers and lecturers to see who was more capable. I ended up collating a set of hand drawn circles which became a data set, that I began too use in an empirical research project. I aimed to discover patterns and trends in the way people draw circles. The outcome is a publication which houses the proposal and methodologies used, the data set, printed onto trace layers to allow for comparisons and finally the visual analysis which uses the circular form as its framework"

The project was printed digitally. The size is 1ft x 1ft when opened up so 1ft x 6inches (305x152mm in the real world!) when closed inspired by the size of isotype visualisation charts. The project is typeset in Futura light.

The Offenbach Bible 60gsm is 'French folded' and the project is perfect bound.

Matt's course lecturer at Portsmouth is Michael Harkins (who's appeared on this blog many times before). Among the various people listed in the credits on the back page are all the participants, Maaike van Neck and also! Thanks to Matt for remembering to share with me and to thank us for supplying a small order of paper for this project.
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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Haribo Thank You

Yesterday, I received a one kilo box of Haribo Goldbears in the post which is a lovely surprise and a tasty treat! The only problem is that I don't know who sent them! There's no note and nothing on the paperwork at all.
It has been known that after we've helped someone with particularly difficult dummies or a screaming deadline, they've been kind enough to follow it up with a thank you note and in some cases, even a little gift!
Now, I'm not sure if these have arrived because of something good we've done or whether they're just from an admirer. I have tried contacting the internet company that despatched them several times but to no avail.
Anyway, they are gratefully received and if anyone knows who it is that sent them, please let me know as I would love to say thanks.
Posted by Justin Hobson  16.07.2013
UPDATE 24.07.2013  - Mystery solved! Dana Robertson from Neon saw this post and called to put me out of my misery! He kindly sent the gelatinous gift as thanks for helping him find an alternative to a product discontinued from Antalis. Thank you Dana

While we're on the subject of Antalis, let's not forget their previous, pitiful, attempt at creating a blog like this: