Friday, 28 August 2009

Coast A/W 2009


It's the Autumn/Winter 09 lookbook for Coast and it's just looks amazing!

The job is printed on OMNIA with an Offenbach Bible wraparound jacket.

Key amazing things are:
1. Solid metallic gold on the cover looks great on the Omnia (as do the images but that goes without saying!)
2. Job is three-hole-sewn which gives the job a lovely quality
3. 6 page cover cleverly holds the Offenbach in place and also covers up the DVD.
4. The jacket/wrap works really well as a poster (quite often on jobs this trick doesn't quite work but on this one it does).
5. .....and it just looks and feels great!

Above is the outside of the wrap, below is the inside.

Design is by Six Creative (

Print is by Principal Colour (

Photography is by Lachlan Bailey (

It is just a really lovely job. Well art directed and designed, great images and good print and finishing.

I've treated myself!

Now many of you will know if you've received a note from me, that I normally write using a fountain pen. I can't really say why, it's probably because I'm a bit old fashioned and I quite like traditional things. Many people use an ink pen because using a nib improves the legibility of their handwriting, sadly that's not the case with me!

Anyway, quite by chance a new shop has opened (in Tonbridge of all places) which is a pen shop and it's a veritable aladdins cave for pen lovers. They combine an offer of restored vintage pens with the latest modern offerings from Lamy and Sailor.

And here's what I've treated myself to...

It's a 1995 Shaeffer endorsement set with a solid Oak base. It was brand new and boxed and very good value.

I know that you will all feel that the design of their website could be improved - but get over that - and have a look at - they have some really amazing things ...and if you venture to Tonbridge to have a look at the shop, don't forget to look me up.

By the way the shop is owned and run by a guy called Andy.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

No Days Off!

Here is a fantastic range of literature from design company, No Days Off.

There is a collection of Staionery, Posters and Cards which have all been used in an exhibition.

Unusually, they are printed Letterpress by Adams of Rye - really nice work.....
All printed using our Colorset range...

...and thank you Patrick for the lovely note!


This is the printed look book produced by Ghost which went with the orgami swallows that Eng made (see previous post 10th July).

As I'm sure you can see from these images, it is a beautiful piece. Photography and reproduction is superb.

It's a 32pp self cover. Size is A3 and it's printed on Marazion Ultra 90gsm.

Photography is by Carlotta Manaigo
Art Direction by Modernist
Printing is by Push

The above spread is my favourite. The image on the left has a real "ethereal" quality in the actual printed job.

Thank you to Chirag for getting some file copies for me, much appreciated.

Monday, 24 August 2009


This is a lovely collection of publications. Ellipsis is the latest series of publications from publishers Sylph Editions.

The books are published in a series of three presenting a trio of contemporary writers.

Text is all "french folded" sections printed in two colour on Offenbach Bible. The 8pp cover is printed on Avebury Recycled Wove 170gsm. Size is 215x120mm. They have a lovely light "airy feel".

The are held together using a "belly-band" also printed on Avebury.
Design is by Ornan Rotem.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Digital Music

I knew the day was coming when digital printing would catch up with the quality of Litho, but I didn't think it would be this soon! We supplied our Omnia material for a promotional sample for printers Good News Press (based in Essex) to promote their Indigo digital press. Well I am absolutely stunned by the result, it is amazing.

It looks and feels just like a litho job and doesn't have that digitally printed "feel" or "look" that could be said of jobs in the past. It has to be said that it is in part down to the paper, which is not one of those super smooth high white "digital" papers that most of the "bash it out brigade" digital printers tend to use!

Design is by Turnbull Ripley and photography is by Steve Gullick.If you want to get hold of your own copy, I suggest you e-mail Mark Carey (

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Our new equipment has arrived!!!!

Now many of you will know that we at Fenner Paper are a bit unusual (in many ways!) but we are especially different in the fact that we are one of the few, if not only paper companies, that can offer wiro bound dummies. We bought our first wiro machine back in 1994 and have been happily binding ever since.

Some of you may know that we actually supply loops/wires to finishing companies and therefore we deal direct with the wire manufacturers who also make commercial machines. The desktop model we bought back in '94 had many features that other "office" machines didn't.To cut a long story short, Johnson Banks needed a wiro machine for their V&A fete project (see previous post 17.07.09) and me having praised the features of ours they bought one. Well when we saw the NEW model come in for JB, we just knew we had to have one as well (16 years has rather taken it's toll on our old one). It is a fantastic machine! The key features being that you can bind up to 360mm, it has square punches (most manual machines have round holes) and you can remove each individual pin (at the flick of a switch) .

It's a bit pricier than the home/office machines that you can get through stationery catalogues which are OK if all you want to bind is A4, but this machine has amazing versatility and it's made to last. The purpose of this post is really to tell you that we have a great new machine which is better for us to make dummies for you!
...but if anyone is interested in buying one, we do sell them! just email me:

Friday, 14 August 2009

How about this for an annual report?

This Annual Report is an A2 finished size ...yes that's 594x420mm! It's massive! It's for the Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home and it's lovely.

Feast your eyes!
Titled "Street Life" it' about life on the streets get the idea!
Photography is by Guy Farrow (v.nice!)
The project was handled by Creative Director Steve Royle at The Chase in Manchester. The Designer was Mike Roberts.
It's printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 100gsm. It is A2 size 16pp and is just folded, no binding - lovely!
It was printed by DXG Media in Cheshire who have made a really good job of it.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Eames DCW Chairs

This is a lovely poster produced by "I Love Dust" which goes with their self initiated project using a pair of Eames DCW chairs. The poster is A2 size, silkcreened in 2 colours with a 1 colour reverse.

The poster is printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 130gsm which gives it that "aged" feel. The poster is being held up (but you can't see her!) by designer, Jodie Silsby.
Below is a pic of the finished chairs, to read more about the project, check out

It was kind of Jodie to send me the posters ...I don't suppose there's any chance of getting the chairs as well? ha ha!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Field

This is a very simple and well designed little book.

The Field by Gary O'Connor published by Transition Editions, designed by Untitled.

The dimensions are 128x198mm which is a very pleasing size in the hand. It only has 28pp but it is enough text to section sew and has a nice square spine.It is just printed in one colour (black) and is purely typographic, there are no images or illustrations.

The text is printed on Neptune Unique SoftWhite 120gsm which gives it a neutral "book" feel. The dustjacket is on Astralux 1 sided 90gsm with the solid blue printed on the coated side and solid green on the uncoated side and folded up as you can see above.

...and thank you to Glenn and David for the kind note!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Condensed 04

Like many of you, this morning, I have received my copy of ISTD Condensed 04 in the post.

This is a good read and always something in it to inspire.

In this issue there are:

1. The Art of Lost Words - a review of an exhibition by Studio Zwei by Andreas Pohancenik.

2. Looking backwards, moving forwards an article by Michael Johnson who knits the subjects of Massimo Vignelli, shoulder pads and Akzidenz, together.

3. Peter Dawson writes about the talk given to ISTD members in June by Wim Crouwel.

4. An interview by Jonathan Doney with David Brown, sundial maker and letter cutter.

The spread above shows a job which really caught my eye. I hadn't seen it before today. It is a silksreened map of Iraq, by NB:Studio displaying the words of the speech by Donald Rumsfeld about knowns and unknowns (under the title"Embrangled") It's a very powerful piece...

And now for the paper plug! It's printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 100gsm. It's printed in single colour and shows what a beautiful solid you can get on this paper...

It is printed by Gavin Martin Associates (

If you aren't already a member, you should really think about joining - there are many benefits, this is just one!

Friday, 7 August 2009

It's not just the big jobs that count....

I don't only want to write about large lavish productions as quite often the best literature is the well considered, nicely executed smaller project.

This job is for the Fulham Horticultural Society and is an A5 size book. There are the entry tickets as well. All printed in one colour.

Simple and lovely. Designed by Jane Chipchase.

The jobs are printed on Colorset Tuscan Brown and Pink Ice. Colorset is 100% Recycled.

And thank you for the note Jane.....

Thursday, 6 August 2009

New Ultrabold

Have a look at this! It's the new Ultrabold magazine, which is the Journal of the St Bride Library - I know a lot of people have heard of St Brides but don't really know much about it -see

Anyway, we at Fenner Paper have supported this publication for the last three years (by supplying discounted material) and the print is sponsored by Principal Colour. The publication is designed by Simon Loxley and is published by the Friends of St Brides.

In this issue, there is an article about the Hand and Eye press (letterpress printer) based in London and a very interesting article about Rian Hughes' hand drawn magazine and comic lettering.

I am also very fortunate that design duo Debbie Osborne and Andrew Ross (who many of you will know) very kindly produce the Fenner advert which appears on the inside back cover. This has involved trawling the St Bride's library for suitable and diverse "F" (for Fenner) letterforms. Thank you to Andrew and Debbie for your time and generosity.

Below is a picture taken at St Brides, where Andrew Ross is "giving it some welly" on a Columbian press - trying desperately to make an impression!

If you want your own copy, simply join the Friends of St Brides and you'll get one free. Alternatively you could e-mail me and I may be able to find a file copy...

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

RCA - MA Fashion

Over the years I have been lucky enough to have been involved in several of the catalogues for the RCA MA Fashion course. One particularly memorable job was the 2004 catalogue, the text of which was all on Offenbach Bible 50gsm, made up entirely of French Folded sections.

This year's catalogue is also exceptional. It is a 290x215mm format. It is "swiss bound" [for those of you who are unfamiliar, this is where the text block is section sewn and glued. Then binding tape is applied around the spine and then this text "block" is glued/bound into the inside back cover by a strip of glue running parallel to the spine. The spine of the actual cover is therefore "freestanding" and not glued to the cover so opens and sits completely flat] which is a lovely finish and brings a material/textile feel to the binding.

The book is cleverley divided into five sections using bright divider spreads- MW-WW-MK-WK-AF (Menswear, Womenswear... etc).

Design is by Mark El-khatib (

The superb repro and printing is by David Holyday

...and now for the paper! The paper used for this project is StarFine White - 300gsm for the cover and 130gsm for the text. The colour reproduction is fantastic - although it goes without saying that it is as much to do with the originals and the repro treatment as it is with the paper!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Land Securities 2

I've just received the second leaflet in the Land Securities series designed by Hat-Trick and printed on Colorset 100% Recycled.

This is a series of leaflets being produced to promote events over the Summer at New Street Square (details on previous post 20.07.09).

This is the "Ashes" event and is printed on Colorset, Spring Green 120gsm.

Thank you for the file copies and the note Alex!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Out and about

I managed to get out of the office this week and went to see John Dowling who is based in Newark in Nottinghamshire.

I first met John when he was working at Pentagram in John Rushworth's team and since then he's worked with Sea and Vince Frost before setting up his own studio.

John (pictured left) has a lovely space in a warehouse on the River Trent. He combines running the studio with lecturing part-time at the University of Lincoln.

Whilst at the studio I also met photographer Andy Weekes with whom John has collaborated on work for many years, their work for THE COLLECTION [Art & Archaelogy in Lincolnshire] is well worth a look.

Pictured below is a poster John designed for a talk to Lincoln University (before he became a lecturer!) which features his four business cards from Area/Pentagram/Frost/Dowling.

And here below is a self initiated project (poster- A2 size) by John.

Just goes to prove (what many already know) that there is creative life outside the major cities....