Thursday, 28 November 2013

CDG Literature

This is a new suite of literature produced for legal maritime specialist CDG. The publications are designed by Crescent Lodge who previously designed the CDG identity.

There is a main brochure and three complimentary, subsidiary publications.
Size for all publications is 260x220mm, portrait. The main brochure  is saddle stitched with a 4pp cover on Omnia 280gsm and 16pp text on Omnia 150gsm. The cover of the main brochure is hot foil blocked in metallic silver foil - no print at all. Not only does this approach highlight the foil but it's also a sensible budgetary option as it keeps the cover to just one process. The main brochure is printed offset litho.
The other three publications are all 4pp on Omnia 200gsm, printed digitally on an HP Indigo press.
The striking maritime 'mono' looking images are reproduced in three special colours, black, silver and grey which give them a depth and clarity, conveying their area of expertise in a serious and effective way.
Creative Director on the project is Lynda Brockbank and the designer is Malcolm Metcalfe. Thanks to Lynda for kindly sending me file copies.
All the publications have been printed Offset litho and digital HP Indigo by FS Moore at DG3.
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Monday, 25 November 2013

Wood it be true

Here is an exceptional new range of greeting cards from innovative card publisher, Velvet Olive. This new series of cards under the range title "Wood it be true" combines type and illustration on these fun cards. The basis of all the cards is the use of  'tree rings' in the design (these rings, or the study of rings, is apparently called 'Dendros' ...I had to look this up!) combined with wood-block style type.
The cards are 4pp, 170x120mm, portrait and are printed on our new Crush Citrus 350gsm. This is our lovely new paper from Favini, made using agro-industrial residues from the processing of citrus fruit in Italy and replacing up to 15% tree pulp. You can read about it here:
The cards are designed by Kathryn Fletcher, who is the founder of Velvet Olive. You can see the other beautiful cards in the range here:
Kathryn started publishing cards in 2004 and she now supplies to a wide range of shops and boutiques including Paperchase and Waterstones.

The cards are printed by Graphite Creative who are based in St Albans. Now it's just worth pointing out that although these cards have a minimal amount of print (2 colours, offset litho) Graphite, who specialise in the production of Greetings cards, have a lot of 'in house' capabilities. These include die-stamping, hot foil blocking, blind embossing, flitter (that's like glitter), film lamination and they can also do film lamination with effects. A pretty impressive range of kit!

Thanks to Kathryn for sending me the selection of cards.
Posted by Justin Hobson 25.11.2013

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Paul Smith S|S 2013

This is the gorgeous Spring/Summer look-book for Paul Smith. As you might expect from such a design lead retailer, this piece of literature is produced to the very highest standard with superb art direction, photography and print reproduction.

This look-book is A4, portrait, saddle stitched with a 4pp cover and 28pp text. The material chosen is our Omnia (280gsm and 150gsm) which gives it that dead matt, tactile feel but with great reproduction.
Art Direction, design and production is by Aboud Creative. The piece has a fantastic feel - solid flat areas of deep, dark blue work fantastically well. Lots of white space, giving the publication an airy spacious feel - it is difficult for me to say too much more about it - see the images below, they speak for the job... 
...and here's the plug for the paper!  - As you can see from these images, there is lots of colour and images with CMYK dark areas - loads of ink going down and it looks great on the Omnia, reproducing bright vibrant colours, whilst retaining detail in the dark areas (in my opinion- but I would say that wouldn't I?)
The art direction is by Alan Aboud  and the quality of the direction and photography (by Neil Bedford) is matched by the exceptional printing by Chapter Press.
Posted by Justin Hobson 20.11.2013

Hull to be UK City of Culture 2017

Many times on this blog, I have referred to that other, well known, "Hull based paper merchant" referring, of course, to GF Smith & Son.

This morning at 8am, Culture Secretary Maria Miller named Hull as the  UK's next City of Culture, to hold the title in 2017. Kingston upon Hull is known for being the home of poet Philip Larkin, the Ferens gallery and the Truck theatre and the home of one of the better known paper merchants in the UK!

Congratulations to Hull, it's inhabitants, companies, arts organisations et al.
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Monday, 18 November 2013

RBB|Economics - Careers & Insights

RBB Economics is a specialist in the field of economics of competition law. Attracting and employing the best post-graduate level employees is essential to their business. This piece of literature is designed to inform and attract potential candidates to the business.
The size is A5, portrait and is saddle stitched. This brochure cleverly works from both ends, having two front covers. It is made around a 6pp concertina fold cover with each text material saddle stitched into each fold, as you can see from the picture below. This format enables the content to be separated, the more formal text of the 'careers' section with the more informal 'insight' section with images and quotes. Very effective.
The 6pp cover is printed on our StarFine White 350gsm, which is an uncoated text and cover range. The cover is printed CMYK plus two specials (blue and green) and hot foil blocked in matt white foil. Text is printed on our Marazion Ultra 135gsm and is printed in CMYK plus special blue. The 8pp 'Careers' section is just printed in single colour and the 12pp 'Insights' section has colour photography.  This project has a lovely engaging feel, the combination of uncoated and coated materials being just right.
Art direction and design is by Hatton Garden based consultancy, 400. Designer on the project is Liam Bonar. Print is by London printer Push.
Posted by Justin Hobson 18.11.2013

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hatch Show Print

Yesterday evening Jim Sherraden, designer from Hatch Show Print (based in Nashville) gave a talk at the LCC in the Main Lecture Theatre.

The talk was organised by Alex Cooper and Rose Gridneff at the Letterpress Workshop at the LCC. Unfortunately I couldn't attend but they kindly sent me the promotional poster, printed 3 colour Letterpress, printed on our Redeem 100% Recycled 80gsm.(size 835x594mm)
This talk accompanied the first UK exhibition for Hatch Show Print at the Chelsea Space and runs until December.

Here's Hatch Show Print's website:

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Monday, 11 November 2013

TU Spring |Summer 2013

Here is a series of three lookbooks showing the Summer TU clothing range from Sainsbury's - Womenswear, Menswear and Childrenswear.
Size of each brochure is 210x148mm, portrait, self cover. They are also all stitched with white stitching wire which is a nice touch 
Each of the catalogues is printed on Marazion Ultra 115gsm and is a self cover. Menswear and Childrenswear are 20pp and the Womenswear is 24pp. Transparent plastic wallets were manufactured to hold all three books when sent out as a set, although they were also used individually.
For readers not familiar with Marazion Ultra, it's a fully coated paper but it really does have a dead flat MATT surface. There are many papers on the market which profess to be matt (and some which incorporate the word matt in the name, but aren't!) ...but this really is - and if you don't believe me, please ask for a sample.
Art direction and design is by London based agency Exposure, who specialise in fashion PR. Creative Director at Exposure is Simon Shaw. Hayley Inglis is the producer at Exposure who oversaw the project.

The job was produced by the Inspired Thinking Group (ITG). Print is by Bristol based Apple Litho
Posted by Justin Hobson 11.11.2013

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Overgrown Tour 2013

You may have heard in the news last week that singer-songwriter James Blake won the Mercury Prize for the album Overgrown, beating David Bowie.

Well the other bit of good news is that the posters for his Overgrown Tour are printed on our lovely paper!
European Tour

Size of the posters is 670x485mm and they are printed in four colour process plus one special, offset litho. The beautiful illustration by Kate Hiley has a lot of detail, dark colouring and reversed out type with the tour locations, so it was essential to keep a lot of detail. At the same time, in order to work with the illustration a coated paper was not desirable, a more tactile material was looked for. Omnia was chosen because it has all the tactile qualities of an uncoated material but reproduces fine detail and dark colours amazingly. Printed on Omnia White 200gsm. A subtle fifth colour was printed on the outside border which dulled the shade of the paper but which made the comets "pop" out a bit more (thanks for the inside info Ed)
North America
Close up detail

...even closer detail!
Design is by Burgess Studio. Creative Director is Alexis Burgess, designer on the project is Ed Cornish. Illustration is by Kate Hiley.

Print is by London based Jigsaw Colour. This poster was printed with no coating (sealer) the result is beautifully flat, matt and tactile -  just how it should be.
Posted by Justin Hobson 07.11.2013

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sad demise of The Colourhouse

On Friday, Printweek reported that The Colourhouse, a London based printing company, has gone into liquidation (in laymans terms that means they've gone bankrupt).

It's very sad news as they have been an excellent quality print company in the design and corporate sector. Over the years, they won many printing awards and accolades, including many PrintWeek and Printing World awards as well as a fair share of the various paper company awards that used to take place in the 90's

The Colourhouse was started in 1993 and it's beginnings, certainly were colourful! In the  1980/1990's there was a printer called Litho-Tech based in Bermondsey Street and they were among the printing elite, along with such names as CTD, Oakley Press, Balding & Mansell, Summerhall Press, Westerham Press etc. that were producing really excellent print for the corporate print market, notably design lead, Annual Report & Accounts.

In 1993 a vacant unit opposite Litho-Tech came up for lease and there was much speculation as to who would be moving in. The power was connected, there were rumours that a printers was moving in, but little did Paul Watson (MD of Litho-Tech) realise that it was some of his staff that would walk across the yard and set up The Colourhouse from a standing start!

Scotty (Malcolm Cooper), the owner of repro company Scott Colour (which produced Litho-Tech's repro, film and plates) production director Terry Rudd and salesman David May formed the backbone of the new company which started printing virtually immediately. The Colourhouse quickly gained a reputation for high quality print and produced many annual reports. Litho-Tech who were not happy with their new neighbours, moved to Kennington Park and The Colourhouse ruled Bermondsey for the remainder of the 90's.

David May was ousted in 1997 with Mike Roberts and David Arkell taking over responsibility for sales. Having outgrown the factory in Bermondsey they moved to Deptford in 2002 and expanded with more presses, finishing equipment and a bigger sales force.

In the late 2000's, they commissioned a new identity by Sea with photography by Simon Phipps. Further investments in press technology culminated at the end of last year with a brand new  Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106 being installed. In line with many commercial printers, they have seen tough times in recent years and also had the misfortune of having taken a sizeable bad debt last year with the collapse of a charity marketing agency, CSDM.

Nearly one hundred jobs have been lost which is terrible for all those involved and there will be a long list of creditors who will never be paid. It marks the sad demise of one of the last, large, London based printers.

Posted by Justin Hobson 04.11.2013

Friday, 1 November 2013

Jobs from the past - Number 49

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by and here's one from 2003.

Ossie Clark at the V&A 2003
This is a beautifully simple piece of print produced to accompany the Ossie Clark exhibition that ran at the V&A from 2003-2004.  From the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s Ossie Clark dressed the famous and fashionable. The exhibition shows work from his most productive period which coincided with London's optimistic, rule-breaking decade in which fashion, photography, music and the cult of personality converged.

Ossie Clark was first recognised as a design talent at the age of 23 when British Vogue singled him out in their August 1965 issue. Throughout the next decade his designs represented the best of London fashion.

This publication is a facsimile of pages from the sketchbooks of Ossie Clarke to inspire creativity by being coloured in or used to appreciate the free flowing style of the original line drawings.
The finished size is of the 123mmx175mm, the format being a 5 panel (10pp) long concertina. Printed offset litho in just 2 colours, magenta and black. The material chosen is our Neptune Unique SoftWhite 250gsm and as I recall it was chosen because white would have made the line-work of the illustrations look far too harsh.
Design was in house at the V&A. Print was by Graham Fisher at Ashford based printer Gros Monti, who sadly have since gone bust.
Posted by Justin Hobson 01.11.2013