Tuesday, 31 May 2011


This is a simple but beautifully produced piece of literature for luxury Knighstbridge womenswear boutique Fitriani.

It's a 6pp A5, portrait, concertina piece, produced for the press to show their range called "Petal". Art direction and photography is superb. The Fitriani logotype is hot foil blocked in matt black foil on the front cover. It is printed on Omnia 280gsm which allows the detail of these limited edition dresses to be seen and look stunning.

Design and Art Direction is by Dalziel+Pow. They were approached to refresh the store environment and create photographic campaigns for 2011 and this publication is just part of the brand repositioning. Designer on the project is Ashley Hodges.

The piece was printed by Team Impression in Leeds. Although this is a simple piece, it's often the simple jobs which don't get the attention to detail. This is well creased, folded square which is just perfect.

...and thanks to Simon Bucktrout at Team for sending through the file copies.

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

ISTD 2011 awards - hurry!

The ISTD awards deadline has been extended until Tuesday 31 May. You need to register by the end of this date and your work MUST arrive with Poke by 2 June.

The ISTD Awards celebrate the best in typography from around the world. Entries can come from any design discipline and should have used typography as an integral part of the design solution. The winning work will be featured on the ISTD website and in the ISTD 2011 Awards publication.

For further information visit: www.istd.org.uk/awards
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Whistles Invite AW2011

Here's an invitation with a real difference ...it's really thick!

This is the invitation to the launch of the Whistles Autumn/Winter 2011 collection at Claridges. It is produced using three of our materials! The face is hot foil blocked in a pigmented green foil on our Colorset, Crimson 270gsm. This has then been pasted onto our Vale Board which is 2000micron (2mm) thick and then is finished with Astralux Black 250gsm which has been pasted on the reverse.
...and the most beautiful touch of all is the 2½mm thick board has been sprayed in green to match the foil - really beautiful.
Below pic shows black reverse:
So there you have it. A three ply sandwich which is beatifully finished, has lots of impact, style and solidity!

Design is by Simmonds. Foiling and finishing is by Gavin Martin and it's been beatifully done.

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Monday, 23 May 2011


Here are two quite different jobs produced by the Tate.

Firstly there is Tate Film with a publication for a series of films titled "oustider Films on India". This is a 210x148mm (A5) portrait, saddle stitched piece. The 4pp cover is printed on Astralux 250gsm cover which is a one sided "cast coated" material, being high gloss on the outside and uncoated on the inside. This has been combined with an 8pp text on our (NEW) Colorset White 160gsm which works exceptionally well with the uncoated reverse of the Astralux.
The second piece is for a family event at the Tate called "Animate Tate. It is a simple but effective piece of literature, being printed in three colours. Finished size is A5 with a 90mm flap which folds upwards. Printed on Colorset White 270gsm.
Print production on both items was by Newgate Concise based in Bermondsey.
Designer on both projects was Michael Windsor-Ungureanu who has recently left The Tate for pastures new and we wish him best wishes in his new position - and thanks for sending me copies and the nice note...
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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shaping New Futures -TNT

[This is a re-posted post from last week - not because I'm running short of material and doing repeats but e-blogger had a problem last week and they lost a few posts of which this was one! I'm hoping to get them all back soon! Thanks to Laura Kane who kindly had the copy stored on some posts on her browser - thanks Laura]

This is a very nice booklet produced for logistics company TNT and more specifically for their "mail" side of the business.

The size is 170x222mm, portrait. There is a 4pp cover printed 1 colour silkscreen on our Rib-Tone 2 sided, 340gsm (the one that looks like a brown ribbed packaging paper) which perfectly reflects the nature of their business - shifting letters and parcels around.
The 20pp text is printed on Shiro Tree Free, Cream 120gsm which is an off-white paper and works well with the hand-drawn lettering and illustrations - see below...
In the image below you can see the 3 hole sewn binding, using orange (TNT corporate colour) thread:
and the materials even received a nice mention in the back, in the notes section...

Design is by Addison (part of WPP group). The Design Director on the project is Martin Chiles. Designer and illustrator Bj√∂rn Altmann (freelance) designed the project, creating the illustrations and a hand drawn face from Gill Sans, which is the TNT corporate typeface. The illustrations and lettering also used on the online version of the report:
This piece was printed by TNT's nominated printers in the Netherlands who deals with their corporate publications.
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My World of Charms

This is a lovely little publication produced by Links of London for their popular range of charms and charm bracelets. Titled My World of Charms it is a small 'handbag' size of 110mm square. The book has a 4pp cover with a 60pp text and is perfect bound. There are also 2 reverse folded insert pages which are printed on a self adhesive paper, so you can create your own charms and then attach them to one of the illustrated bracelets.

Our very bright Colorset Magenta 270gsm is used for the cover to great effect and you certainly can't miss it! The cover is hot foil blocked with a matt white foil.
The text pages are printed on Marazion Ultra 115gsm with the natural, flat mattness which works both with the jewellery and the illustrated pages...
Lovely illustrations by Maiko Nagao:
Illustration, over a double page spread, divider page:
and here are the little "kiss-cut" self adhesive stickers...
Designer on the project (and the fab illustration) is Maiko Nagao working in-house at Links. Printing, including the foiling and self adhesive stickers is by Pureprint. All in all a really lovely little book.

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Blog posts have gone missing!

Unfortunately e-blogger has had a problem and about three or four of my posts from last week have disappeared! Unfortunately because it's an online system, I don't hold any back ups, so hopefully they'll be able to restore them shortly - Sorry!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Whistles S/S 2011

This is the latest Spring Summer lookbook for fashion retailer Whistles.
The size is 235x290mm Portrait, saddle stitched. It has a 4pp cover (which is deliberately lightweight) on our Colorset (100% Recycled) Light Blue 120gsm which is printed in just one colour litho (black) with a 28pp text on Marazion Ultra 90gsm, so the whole job has a deliberately 'floppy' feel.
As with the previous issue, there is lovely sense of light and space with this piece with some spreads having a completely blank page on left or right. It really allows the superb photography and the subject room to breathe. The brochure is printed in one colour (cover) and CMYK for the text.

Art Direction and design is by Simmonds Ltd. Photography is by Karim Sadli and Styling is by Francesca Burns.

Print is by Boss based in West London - incidentally their press, which is a Heidelberg CD 74-6LX is fitted with an inking/blanket/impression cylinder washup device - which (in theory) means "hickey" free printing ...impressive stuff! (and interesting in a sort of nerdy way!)

NOTE - Added 26.10.2011. Following my visit to Heidelberg UK, I've found out that this system is called a Vario Dampening System and here's how it works: "Vario operation reduces the formation of hickeys on the printing plate due to a differential speed from the dampening form roller to the plate. The reduced speed is attained by the separately driven distributor roller spinning around 12% slower" ...very clever stuff.  Thanks to Paul Chamberlain at Heidelberg (www.uk.heidelberg.com) and Fenton Smith at Boss for explaining it all to me.
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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Jobs from the past - Number 19

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by. Here's one from 2006...

RIBA - Crown Estate Conservation Award 2006

The Crown Estate Conservation Award is made to the architects of the best work of conservation which demonstrates successful restoration of an architecturally significant building. The shortlist is selected from the conservation schemes to have won RIBA Awards in that year. The £5000 prize is the most prestigious in conservation architecture and was established in 1998 with The Crown Estate sponsoring it since that year.

The 2005 award was won by Avanti Architects for the conservation of the iconic Grade I listed Isokon apartments in London, NW3 and that is the (superb) image used on the cover of the 2006 awards booklet.
This is not a big flashy job. It's purpose is simply to list the five shortlisted entries. The flat size is 297x315mm folding up to form a 12pp A6 finished size piece. Nothing too elaborate, just functional, well designed and printed. The paper chosen for the job was our Neptune Unique 120gsm. Reproduction is good and it folded well.
Design is by The Small Back Room based in London and the designer on the project was Phillip Southgate (who has since moved and now lives and works near Bristol). Printing was by Crucial Colour based in Tunbridge Wells. The image below shows the 12pp folded out with a folded version placed in the middle:
...and there's even a small piece of personal interest in the job (for me anyway!). One of the projects (also by Avanti Architects) shortlisted for this award, was the restoration of a Grade II listed modernist house called Harbour Meadow in Birdham.  Originally designed by Peter Moro and Richard Llewelyn Davies in the late 1930s, this was actually built for the grandparents of one of my friends from school - a little known fact is that Peter Moro was interned during the war not least because he was of German descent but also because intelligence officers claimed that the recently constructed house, if viewed from the air, resembled half a Swastika and could be used for navigation by Nazi bombers! Mr. Tawse vouched for him and also persuaded the authorities that the aerial 'half swastika' was a ridiculous idea and the architect was finally released in 1941. You can see more of this house: http://www.avantiarchitects.co.uk/#/proj_9

Harbour Meadow, Birdham
Photo: Nick Kane
RIBA: http://www.architecture.com/
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