Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Greenwich Regulator

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) is the charitable arm of the Royal Warrant Holders Association. QEST exists to advance education in modern and traditional crafts and trades in the UK. The Greenwich Regulator Clock is an example of fine craftsmanship and the brochure documents all the crafts concerned, from the furniture by Zone Creations, the movement by Comitti to the calligraphy by Sally Mangum.

Acrylic invitation
This is one of those absolutely exquisite pieces of design and print. The entire set comprises a paper over board, lined box, housing a bespoke acrylic invitation (which is the material the clock is made from) and the brochure.

Box and brochure - box using clear and bronze foiling.
Size of the brochure is 250x180mm, portrait. It has an 8pp cover on our Omnia 280gsm, hot foil blocked in bronze foil and the 32pp text is "French folded" (which is 16x4pp French folded sections) using our Omnia 150gsm and is printed with a solid pantone gold on the inside of the folds - gorgeous! It's PUR bound with a 6mm spine.

The 8pp cover, also printed using the pantone gold solid. Omnia was chosen because the cover would print, de-boss and foil beautifully and the Omnia would reproduce the photography with the metallic, solid blue, and the acrylic superbly ...and it looks brilliant!

Inside back page and inside back cover showing solid blue and image of the finished regulator clock.
Image showing the French folded text:
This lovely piece of print collateral and packaging has been created by Cheshire based design consultancy, The Gate. Designer on the project is Matthew Miles. It's just worth saying that this piece of literature is about celebrating the best of traditional and modern crafts in the UK and this very piece of print is itself an excellent example of that craft.

The superb print, foiling including the boxmaking is by Leeds based Pressision. Ian Cavanagh handled the project and very kindly sent me a file copy.
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Time 100 Gala Invitation

The TIME 100 Gala is an exclusive annual celebration which honours the world’s most influential people. On Tuesday, April 23rd, this year, the celebration unfolded at New York City’s Jazz at Lincoln Centre. One hundred leading individuals and other exclusive guests, walked down the red carpet. They included artists, inventors, entertainers, politicians and business leaders.

The prestigious invitations produced for the event, were actually produced here in the UK.
Size of the invitation is 185mm square. As you can see from the above picture, it's very thick! It's printed on our Monoblack 2000microns ...that's 2mm thick!

It has been beautifully hot foil blocked in three colours of foil, matt white, gloss red and metallic silver foils.
The reverse of the invitation with the sponsors logos:
The job is produced by Gavin Martin Colournet and they have made a beautiful job of the hot foiling - it's just totally spot on!
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Friday, 23 August 2013

Annoushka jewellery catalogue

This is a beautifully produced piece of literature from leading contemporary jewellery brand Annoushka. The pieces, which include many types of precious stones, are all produced from 18 carat gold, hence the way gold reproduces in the printed catalogue is incredibly important.
The size is 225x170mm, portrait and is saddle stitched. The 4pp cover is produced on 250gsm silk coated board and as you can see is gloss laminated which gives the outside cover a brilliant gloss sheen. The 28pp text is printed on our Omnia 120gsm
Reproduction of the metallic gold on the Omnia 150gsm is just superb. Excellent detail and a beautiful tactile metallic look without a glossy sheen is what makes this piece...
Design Director at Annoushka is Liz Olver. Print is by Push.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Edvard Munch - The Modern Eye

This is a private view invitation for The Modern Eye, a major exhibition devoted to a reassessment of the works of the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch held at Tate Modern last year. The invitations which are printed on our Omnia 320gsm and which (as you can see) faithfully reproduces the detail and subtlety of Munch's work.

This invitation is a 4pp, portrait, A5 (210x148mm) format. Unlike the other Tate invitations featured on this blog, which are printed offset litho, this has been printed on an HP Indigo. The colours are strong and punchy and the whole invitation has a matt, tactile look and feel.

The inside of the invite is printed with a flat grey solid with black type. Again, the light grey solid is dead flat, tactile and looks great.
Designer at the Tate is Matt Mear. Print production is by James Parfitt at Westerham Premier, based in Paddock Wood in Kent.
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Monday, 19 August 2013

Size|Format|Stock - latest edition out now...

The latest, revised, edition of Size|Format|Stock is now available.
Size Format Stock is the booklet that I wrote in collaboration with ZoĆ« Bather at Studio8. Originally written in mind for the students that I give occasional talks to, it has since become a firm favourite with many graphic designers. It is A5 portrait saddle stitched with a 4pp cover on Colorset 120gsm and a 16pp text printed on Offenbach Bible 60gsm. This is now in it's third edition and I've printed and distributed over 20,000 copies! ..through colleges, by post and Eye Magazine.
If you would like a copy, drop me an email and I'll pop one in the post.
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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Drawn By Hand - Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake is one of the best-known illustrators of his generation. Drawn by Hand is an exhibition held at the Shiba Gallery of The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. The show looks at individual works he has produced in the past decade: book illustrations, etchings, lithographs, drawings and works done for hospitals in various and contrasting media.
As Quentin Blake points out in his introduction, all of the pictures in the catalogue were drawn by hand, though the later printing and dissemination often relied on modern technology - and that's the point of the show, he shows work done by scratchy pens, inks, watercolours, quills, etching, lithograph etc.
This is the catalogue for the exhibition by Quentin Blake.  Each section explores a different drawing technique.
The publication is produced in a sketchbook size. The size is 210x165mm, portrait and is saddle stitched. It has a 4pp cover on 300gsm and a 36pp text on 150gsm. The material chosen is our StarFine Natural White, which is a neutral white, uncoated paper and board range. The paper gives the project the correct look and feel of a sketchbook, sympathetic with the subject without being a pastiche. A particularly lovely touch is the "round cornered" corners - below:
Design is by Burgess Studio. Creative director is Alexis Burgess and the designer on the project is Dan Jones.

The excellent print is by Principal Colour - this is a really neat and tidy saddle stitched job and the round cornering in particular is smart.
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mr Guil

Last year, I featured some prints by Mr Guil and here are two new prints - Twilight Favela and Green Chicken produced on "our fantastic paper!" ( ...his words, not mine!)

Green Chicken
Guillaume Cornet aka “Mr Guil” is a London based artist working with illustration and painting (Camberwell College of Arts, FDA Illustration, 2009 The Arts Institute At Bournemouth, ND Fine Art, 2007) ...and this is what he does (taken from his website) "he explores notions of abstract geometry, influenced by surreal perspectives and architecture to construct sometimes monochrome but mostly colourful and vibrant visual spaces. His works tend to be filled with intricate characters positioning themselves in unexpected geometrical environments. Creating a humorous visual language he frequently depicts unusual and bizarre situations"

These prints are a mixed media: silkscreened and fully hand coloured with Letraset markers (image size 820x585mm) using our Colorset White 350gsm:

Close up detail of Green chicken
Twilight Favela

Do have a look at his website:

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Nokia - People Made

This is a job that I've been meaning to write about for a while. It is the show catalogue for an exhibition at the Design Museum called 'People Made' - Nokia products that changed the world, which was in Oct/Nov 2011. The exhibition showed Nokia's approach to design, craft and manufacture, revealing untold stories behind some of the phones that have sold in their million over the last twenty years.   
The layout is simple and allows the images of the phones to work really well. Each phone with a scale picture on each spread (on left hand side). Printed in CMYK throughout, the section divider pages are printed in solids, also out of CMYK, - note the excellent blue solid above.
Size is 330x235mm, portrait. There's no binding or what is often described as "loose bound". It is a 40pp self cover on our lovely Marazion Ultra 90gsm. The deliberately lightweight feel allows the pages to flow freely and to sit flat, allowing for perfect read-overs. The material is perfectly chosen with the Marazion Ultra having a lightweight, matt look and feel but with the images reproducing beautifully with great clarity and detail. It's a very engaging piece of literature. Every time I show this to someone, they always point out their favourite phone happens every time!
The catalogue was designed and published by Nokia. Art direction and design of the catalogue is by Amish Shah ( This is a beautifully simple catalogue which perfectly shows the phones and conveys exactly the right look and feel which engages the reader with the exhibits themselves. Print is by Pureprint.
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Friday, 9 August 2013

Gareth Lockrane Septet Poster

This is an interesting poster produced for a one-off jazz evening at the Horseshow by the Gareth Lockrane Septet in March 2012. 

The poster is hand printed on a Letterpress proofing press and is created using a lino-blocks (x3) - in three passes. The poster measures 369mm x 593mm in a limited edition of 150 which are hand numbered. Printed on Colorset Natural 120gsm (100% Recycled). It is a beautiful poster.
Designed by Matt Willey and printed with Bill Bragg, as you can see below - a very "hands on" process! 
The posters are on sale (£20 plus p&p) with all proceeds going to Dorothy House Hospice Care. You can order them from this link:
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