Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cyclus manufacturer to close

Last Friday, Arjowiggins announced that it is to close it's Dalum mill in Odense, Denmark, by the end of 2012. Dalum is the paper mill that makes Cyclus which I know will be familiar with many readers of this blog. The mill, which currently produces 150,000 tonnes of paper a year was one one of the pioneers of 100% recycled papers.

Dalum Papirfabrik (De forenede) or Danish Paper, as it was known in the UK, was taken over by Stora in 1990 and in 1991 started to use recycled fibres. Stora merged with Enso and in 1999, StoraEnso (the new company name!) sold Dalum to a Danish group of investors for €28 million.

Jens Kampmann
Chairman (and former Danish minister for the environment) of the newly formed Dalum Papir,  Jens Kampmann, further developed the mill's recycled offering in the early 2000's and boasted "Dalum Papir has undergone a very impressive development over the past few years to become what we believe is the most environmentally friendly paper mill in the world."

Dalum was purchased by ArjoWiggins in 2007 for the grand sum of €63.5 million.

Arjowiggins has announced that it is to close Dalum by the end of 2012 to compensate for overcapacity in the market as European paper demand has been decreasing by around 6% annually for several years. There are currently 260 staff employed at the mill.

Here, at Fenner Paper, we have dealt with the mill for many years (even before they were producing recycled paper) and we are very sorry to hear this news. Our thanks and  good wishes go to all the employees at the mill and wish them the very best for the future and with new employment opportunities.
Posted by Justin Hobson 19.09.2012


  1. Argh, terrible news. So from a very selfish POV, will the manufacture of Cyclus be taken over, or will the paper cease to exist?

  2. Hi Craig. Apparently production of the Cyclus brand will be transferred to one of Arjo's three remaining French mills who currently make Cocoon and who, until recently, also made the Revive range. Whether it will be the same type of sheet as the old Cyclus? (or the same price?) ...I can't see it myself, but we'll have to wait and see.
    Best regards Justin


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