Friday, 27 September 2013

CRUSH Launch at the St Brides Foundation

Yesterday, we held an open evening with Favini at the St Bride Foundation to launch our new paper range called CRUSH.

Over a hundred guests joined us at St Brides for Italian beer and olives! After a brief introduction by Chris Brown of Favini, there was a presentation by Michele Posocco, product manager from Favini who demonstrated how waste residues from food processing is used in paper making.
In the splendid surroundings of the Bridewell Hall, Michele squeezed oranges and liquidised pulp and the dried micronized fruit residue to show how the patented process works.
The reasoning behind holding this event at St Brides was to make this a very "hands on" experience. The letterpress workshop was open all evening with printers Helen Ingham, Richard Lawrence and wood engraver Peter Smith in attendance.
Wood engraving by Peter Smith printed on an Adana press.
As well as printing, guests were treated to a demonstration of lino-cutting and were "press ganged" into having a go themselves ...just look at the concentration on those faces!
Under the tuition of Richard Lawrence, each person was given a small section of a 16th century engraving The Manufacture of Oil, by Jost Amman. The picture was divided into 20 equal squares, individually cut over the course of the evening and then re-assembled.

Jost Amman 16th century
The final lino-cut, ready for printing
...and here is the fruit of everyone's hard work! a 21st re-interpretation using 19th century equipment! Printed on Crush 250gsm.
Throughout the evening, the chief executive of the St Bride Foundation, Glyn Farrow and his team conducted short tours of the foundation and famous library, showing just a few of the many treasures that the foundation has in it's possession.
I should like to extend warm thanks to our partners at Favini, to all the staff and friends at the St Bride Foundation. Special thanks to Peter Smith, Richard Lawrence and Helen Ingham in the workshop who made the evening such a special occasion.

...and I mustn't forget to say thank you to Andrea at a Taste of Sicily for the amazing Castelvetrano olives.
Posted by Justin Hobson 27.09.2013

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  1. Good organisation! Impressed by the perfume on the letterpress room and by the old but still efficient machines...
    Thank you to Justin and Fenner Paper for inviting myselt to the event..
    Michele Posocco


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