Saturday, 28 February 2015

Rob Ryan 2015

Rob Ryan's work is no stranger to this blog and many readers will be familiar with his work. His studio is based in East London, but his work is in demand all over the globe. He has even taken part in an exhibition with other papercut artists shown in Grand Central station in New York.
Rob's 2015 calendar incorporates one of his characteristic papercut designs which has been beautifully lasercut on our Colorset 100% Recycled board.
This desk calendar is a very clever construction which arrives flat and pops up showing the lasercut image.
It arrives folded but the flat size is 475x127mm. When this is folded and constructed using the double sided glue strip, it stands 210mm tall.
Above, shows the calendar lying out flat, the image below shows it folded to go out in the post. The calendar is printed in one colour, offset litho onto our Colorset Lime 270gsm.
Below shows the detail of the papercut.
The Lasercutting is by Trilogy Lasercraft in Huntingdon - fantastic job. Print is by Victoire based in Cambridge.
Posted by Justin Hobson 27.02.2014

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