Tuesday, 14 June 2016

UEL Undergraduate Study Guide

The University of East London is world class university, based on three campuses in the Docklands area of London. On becoming a University in 1992, the establishment has grown with a particularly international outlook, having 19,000 students from over 120 countries.
This publication is the Undergraduate Study Guide and rather than being a dry old prospectus, which many of us will be familiar with, this is a far more engaging piece of literature. With all the information being available online, this is a book which stimulates the imagination, rather than just listing the vast array of courses.
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Size is 265x200mm, portrait, with a 4pp cover, 112pp text and perfect bound. The spine is 8mm.
The whole publication is printed on our Shiro range from Italian manufacturer FAVINI. It is all printed on Shiro Echo, which is 100% Recycled, however the guide is cleverly divided into two sections using different shades of paper. The first 'introduction' section is 42pp and is printed on Shiro Echo Bright White 120gsm (see above images) and the second section (70pp) which gives an overview of the 150 courses available is printed on Shiro Echo White 120gsm, which is a more neutral white. You can see the difference in shades from the image below:  
The print result is superb. It is printed Offset Litho in four colour process plus a special - Fluorescent green. As I hope you can tell from these images, the quality of the photography has been enhanced by good repro and excellent printing. 
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You can see the change in the shades of the paper on the foredge of the guide in the image below
Spine is nice and square and well creased and finished.
...no problem with printing a full bleed fluorescent solid green on the Shiro...
As you can see from the image below, the perfect binding is nice and neat.
The excellent art direction and design is by the in house team at UEL, which is lead by creative director Anton Webb, with the print managed by Head of Print Services, Stephen Marlow.
Printing is by Sure Print Services, based in East London, with Bradley Jones looking after the project. A really first rate piece of print.
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