Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Stardream for Christmas

November is here, so we can now talk about Christmas!

Lilac Linnet Creative is the retail facing brand of Patternise Laser Studio Ltd, who specialise in laser cutting for prestigious clients and brands, such as Disney, Cath Kidston, Warner Music and Morrisons to name a few.
Lilac Linnet have created a range of unique Christmas decorations - all lasercut out of board, so they far more environmentally friendly than plastic.They have a real wow factor for guests at any winter gathering, be it a home event, a wonderland wedding or festive corporate party.
All Christmas decorations have been designed and manufactured by Lilac Linnet and they offer a range of standard colour schemes including traditional reds and greens, sparkling whites and blues, and bold purples and golds....and all the designs are manufactured from our Stardream pearlescent and metallic range!
You can even order them directly on line here: www.lilaclinnet.co.uk

Posted by Justin Hobson 06.11.2018

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