Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Colorset for every month of the year

The Absolute group are specialist manufacturers and printers of Luxury Packaging, Gifting, Trims and Wovens, Invitations, Fashion Lookbooks etc. Based in East London, their tagline is FIRST WE LISTEN, THEN WE MAKE....
I received this lovely 2019 calendar which they produced in house. The size is 113x164mm, plus a 12mm tab. 
The calendar is produced on our Colorset 100% Recycled 350gsm board in the shades of Sandstone, Natural, Ash and Light Grey, which is a great colour pallet.
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Each of the cards is duplexed, with a different colour on the reverse, so each of the cards is a 700gsm thick card. The below image shows the reverse of the cards...
Below image shows the detail of the duplexed edge
The calendar is printed in just one colour (a special green) - a perfect example of the impact of just using one colour.
Posted by Justin Hobson 23.01.2019

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