Monday, 27 July 2009

10th V&A Fete 2009

This weekend was the tenth V&A fete and apart from the weather being a bit damp on Friday evening, the weather on Saturday really made it.

There were some fantastic stalls and there was lots to see and do.

As I mentioned in a previous post (17.07.2009) I was asked by the team at Johnson Banks to do a bit of guillotining. Anyway, all can now be revealed! The stall was selling recycled notebooks which were made up using all the old run outs from the last couple of years which they have been hoarding.

Combined with the corrugated packaging, they had also been hoarding and a wiro binding machine, they manufactured these recycled notebooks, which were then rubber stamped - to order.

Here's the set up...

The JB fete team and the rubber stamping table

and here's the tallperson (me) and slightly shorter person (Miho) who coordinated the notebook manufacture at JB.

Thanks to all at Johnson Banks for their hospitality and making me feel so welcome at their stall.

Check out the JB blog , for better pics and copy writing than mine!

I also saw friends from Happily Ever After and Ico Design who both had stalls - I have some lovely badges from Leah at Happily Ever After, which I'll post once Mark has downloaded the images off my phone!

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