Wednesday, 22 July 2009


It's about time for a shamless plug for one of our stock products I think!

Monoblack is a product we introduced a few months ago. It is available in ONE weight (very thick), ONE size and ONE colour which is why it's called MONOblack - gettit?

Sometimes, designers I work with use a certain other well known brand of (very expensive!) coloured paper in 700gsm and then they have it duplexed together to make 1400gsm - and it costs them a fortune! So we put this single item into stock, which is "ready thick" and much more cost effective - and it's been going very well indeed. Many people use it for invitations, presentation boards and mounted covers or boxes where a black edge is required.

Anyway if you would like some samples, please send me an e-mail ( ... just please don't ask what other colours it comes in!

...and just to prove that Monoblack already has some fans, here's a lovely note from Kirsty at Pentagram who just returned a printed sample that I leant to her - thanks Kirsty

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