Tuesday, 8 September 2009

CMYK Board!

Have a look at this lovely self promotional piece for freelance designer Alex Parrott.

It's made up using 8 layers of COLORSET 270gsm (that's 2160gsm!) in CYMK colours and foiled in white.

It uses four COLORSET shades: Nero, Light Blue, Magenta and Solar.

It was produced by Downeys who have made a lovely job of duplexing the sheets and foiling in white on front and back.

It's worth making the point that although we (at Fenner Paper) don't offer a duplexing service (as another well known paper merchant based in Hull does) ...there are printers and finishers that offer this service at quite reasonable rates!

Good luck to Alex and anyone wishing to engage him can contact him on alex@alexparrott.co.uk and just pop the finders fee/commission cheque in the post to me!

...and thanks for the nice note Alex!



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  1. Thanks for featuring these Justin – it's a pleasure to appear in such good company.

    If any readers of justinsamazingworldatfennerpaper out there would like one of my postcards please drop me an email and I will put you on my mailing list.



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