Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Now some people might have expected me to title this post using some crude pun (such as "Flocking Lovely Invite") but I know I am addressing a particularly sophisticated audience, so I'm sure that even my best Flocking jokes wouldn't raise a titter!

...anyway, this is a particularly beautiful wedding invitation produced on our Flockage Colours, in Bright Red 400gsm.

The inspiration for the colour of the invitation is from the colour of the hassocks (that's the name for the cushions that you kneel on in church) which are red in this particular church together with the "burlesque" themed entertainment at the reception. The Fleur de Leys device which is also used is another feature in the church.

Design is by Powell Allen

The invitations are A5 in size and foiled in one colour using Red Metallic Foil by Benwell Sebard
Incidentally it's probably worth noting that when I spoke to Chris Allen he made the point of telling me that it was a "cost effective" use of the material. Flockage is an expensive material, but because of the small quantity and the fact that only one process was being used on it (and waste is therefore minimal) a luxury, high impact impression was achieved for relatively low cost.

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