Thursday, 17 December 2009

Fenner Paper even makes it to OZ!

Today I popped in to the Tourist/visitors centre in "The Rocks" in Sydney to pick up some maps and was absolutely amazed to see a range of cards printed on our material in their shop for sale!

We have supplied our Flockage Litho for this lovely range of greeting cards, called FABRIC, designed by Kelly Hyatt and published in the UK by Beaumonde Cards.

For those not familiar with Flockage Litho it is a flocked paper ...which means it made using fibres and actually has a suede/material feel to it, and incredibly, you can print conventional offset litho onto it - without loss of reproduction - you can print some really detailed stuff - in fact these cards actually have a readable bar code printed on the back!

So there you have it, 10,562 miles away from Tonbridge and I still sniffed out some of our paper!

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  1. I guess you still don't have a distributor of your lovely papers over in Norway? Moving from the UK has its disadvantages ;) Would love to find a way to make use of Flockage in our work, it's got such a unique feel to it you just can't help but to stroke it!


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