Thursday, 3 December 2009

Preen Spring/Summer 2010 Invitation

I've received copies of this lovely invitation for the launch of the PREEN Spring/Summer 2010 collection in New York.

Unfortunately it's a really hard job to photograph satisfactorily. The reasons being that it's printed on our lovely Offenbach Bible 50gsm and therefore has a light feel and "rattle" to it and there is a degree of show through which works really well, but is really hard to demonstrate in a photograph! It starts off as an A5 finished size...
Which folds out to reveal this A3 size invitation...
and below is the reverse side [the bottom right panel is the front of the invitation, as picture 1 at top]
Design by Studio Thomson. Printing is a simple (but very well executed) one colour litho and is by Xtraprint based in London EC2.

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  1. Has this been done with black ink on the paper??


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