Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ash is in the news today!

Shock news today that a cloud of volcanic Ash has caused the cancellation of all BA domestic flights and brought flights at Gatwick and Heathrow to a virtual standstill.

I grabbed the opportunity to send an e-mail to confirm that although we have a paper called Colorset ASH, this hazard to aviation is nothing to do with Fenner Paper.

However, this morning, we created a "papery homage" in our sample room of what the volcano spewing out Colorset Ash 120gsm might look like...
Materials used are Colorset Suede 120gsm for the crater and Colorset Mango and Deep Orange for the lava with the volcanic cloud being made from Colorset Ash 120gsm.

If you want a copy of the current Colorset swatch, just blip me an e-mail.

Also, did you know, there really is a organisation called the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre? -amazing!
Posted by Justin Hobson

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