Monday, 12 April 2010

The Brunswick Review

This is a very interesting and a very different publication. The Brunswick Review is self published by the global Public Relations and Communications company Brunswick. They have a network of fifteen offices throughout the world. One way that they keep in touch with their clients is by producing this publication which is certainly anything but a "customer magazine". It is very well written and researched and has counts Mark Thompson and Sir Andrew Motion amongst it's guest contributors.
The design of the publication relies heavily (although not exclusively) on illustration which appears to have the effect of making it very readable, I know this because I have even found myself reading it!
The size of the publication is 280x216mm. It is has a 4pp cover and 102pp text. It is printed on Redeem 100% Recycled 240gsm and 100gsm.

In each issue, there is an "Arts" section [see spread below] highlighting the work of Brunswick Arts which is a seperate division of the Group based in London...
I think this is an excellent piece of literature which is hard to classify. It definitely isn't a newsletter, certainly not a magazine or a brochure. It is however, an extremely clever piece of communication.

It is edited by Tim Dickson.

The painstaking and excellent illustration choices, design and production is all by Johnston Works. ( and printing is by St Ives Westerham Press.
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