Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Taking Time - Craft and the Slow Revolution

Here is a lovely collection of literature for a touring exhibition from Craftspace curated with Helen Carnac. The printed literature includes a catalogue, a poster, invitations and flyer cards.

The design of the exhibition and literature is by Hyperkit.

The catalogue is 165x240mm portrait with a 4pp cover and a 48pp text. The poster is A3 and the invitations A5. The literature and exhibition work using a two colour palette (which is also more cost effective) with four colour text in the brochure.

The paper used throughout is Redeem 100% Recycled with 240gsm and 130gsm for the catalogue and 315gsn for the invitations and cards. The "natural" shade of the paper works really well with the two colour palette.
Below are the poster and the invitations:
There are a couple of things that are worth pointing out. Firstly they customised an existing typeface to create a face with a calligraphic feel which lends itself to the theme of the exhibition. This typeface is employed across all printed material and also used in the exhibition signage. The other thing is the really nice little business card sized "Comments" card, so that people can leave comments at the exhibition - a really simple but effective idea.

...and thank you for the lovely note:

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