Friday, 28 January 2011

Brighton 2010

I am attempting (in vain!) to clear some of the lovely things I've been sent in 2010 and not had a chance to write up on the blog yet.

This is an exceptionally well put together catalogue produced by the graduating students of 2010 from Brighton University - Illustration and Graphic Design.
Size is 165x220mm Portrait (economical out of B1) with a 4pp cover and a 144pp text and is section sewn. Cover is on Colorset Nero, 270gsm, hot foil blocked in a irridescent silver foil. Text is printed CMYK on Redeem 100% Recycled 100gsm. It shows an incredibly diverse range of work - and it does it really well - both illustration and photographic images working really well on the Redeem. It was printed by the eponymous Push.

And thanks to Joe Spiteri, Pete Dungey, Tom van de Velde and Millie Scarlett Davies who designed, art directed and produced the publication and did all the hardwork on behalf of everyone else on the course to put together this superb catalogue ...and thanks for the kind dedication as well:
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