Friday, 18 March 2011

Adidas Women Techfit SS11

This is an interesting and different piece which uses unusual materials and format. This lookbook was the result of an interesting project where their new generation of TechFit (TM) garments were developed with female athletes but also teamed up with the Staatsballet in Berlin, who have been testing this apparel since 2009 and that formed the focus and subject for this new lookbook. 
In keeping with the lightweight nature of the actual garments, the material chosen for the 36pp text is our lightweight Offenbach Bible 60gsm. Interestingly the piece is a self cover but it has a 6pp insert printed in litho silver on black board, saddle stitched in the middle which protrudes 20mm at the top (with the title) - see right and below - and which holds a disc - interesting stuff, actually having the cover, effectively in the middle not on the outside!

Design is by Made Thought and photography by Ben Ingham.
Print was handled by Team Impression and they have made a lovely job of it, right down to the black wire on the saddle stitches - very nice.
...and thank you to Simon Bucktrout at Team for sending me a copy.

Posted by Justin Hobson 18.03.2011

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