Thursday, 5 May 2011

Whistles S/S 2011

This is the latest Spring Summer lookbook for fashion retailer Whistles.
The size is 235x290mm Portrait, saddle stitched. It has a 4pp cover (which is deliberately lightweight) on our Colorset (100% Recycled) Light Blue 120gsm which is printed in just one colour litho (black) with a 28pp text on Marazion Ultra 90gsm, so the whole job has a deliberately 'floppy' feel.
As with the previous issue, there is lovely sense of light and space with this piece with some spreads having a completely blank page on left or right. It really allows the superb photography and the subject room to breathe. The brochure is printed in one colour (cover) and CMYK for the text.

Art Direction and design is by Simmonds Ltd. Photography is by Karim Sadli and Styling is by Francesca Burns.

Print is by Boss based in West London - incidentally their press, which is a Heidelberg CD 74-6LX is fitted with an inking/blanket/impression cylinder washup device - which (in theory) means "hickey" free printing ...impressive stuff! (and interesting in a sort of nerdy way!)

NOTE - Added 26.10.2011. Following my visit to Heidelberg UK, I've found out that this system is called a Vario Dampening System and here's how it works: "Vario operation reduces the formation of hickeys on the printing plate due to a differential speed from the dampening form roller to the plate. The reduced speed is attained by the separately driven distributor roller spinning around 12% slower" ...very clever stuff.  Thanks to Paul Chamberlain at Heidelberg ( and Fenton Smith at Boss for explaining it all to me.
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