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Shaping New Futures -TNT

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This is a very nice booklet produced for logistics company TNT and more specifically for their "mail" side of the business.

The size is 170x222mm, portrait. There is a 4pp cover printed 1 colour silkscreen on our Rib-Tone 2 sided, 340gsm (the one that looks like a brown ribbed packaging paper) which perfectly reflects the nature of their business - shifting letters and parcels around.
The 20pp text is printed on Shiro Tree Free, Cream 120gsm which is an off-white paper and works well with the hand-drawn lettering and illustrations - see below...
In the image below you can see the 3 hole sewn binding, using orange (TNT corporate colour) thread:
and the materials even received a nice mention in the back, in the notes section...

Design is by Addison (part of WPP group). The Design Director on the project is Martin Chiles. Designer and illustrator Bj√∂rn Altmann (freelance) designed the project, creating the illustrations and a hand drawn face from Gill Sans, which is the TNT corporate typeface. The illustrations and lettering also used on the online version of the report:
This piece was printed by TNT's nominated printers in the Netherlands who deals with their corporate publications.
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