Saturday, 3 December 2011

Matt Hill wins World Championship

Ever wondered what other people who follow this blog get up to? Matt Hill is a talented young tap dancer who was selected to represent England at the IDO World Tap dance Championships held last week in Riesa, Germany.

Being selected was one thing, but yesterday evening he walked away with the World Title of Junior Male Soloist on behalf of England.
If the truth be told, Matt isn't particularly interested in paper ...he's still at school, but as a family friend and inveterate blogger he has contributed to my enthusiasm for blogging.
Above are pictured the 2011 World Champions (Matt in centre)

Matt dances with the Redhurst School of Dancing in East Grinstead and with the group Tap Attack. Congratulations to Matt and all in the England team.
Posted by Justin Hobson 03.12.2011

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